First part of my summer vacation started (it's split in two parts this year). Project 1 is to continue the attic cleanup from last summer. I'm mostly done, but still wondering what to do with all my old music CDs. I haven't looked at them for years (everything digitized a long time ago). Yet it still feels bad to throw them away. I wonder if someone still wants them (e.g., library or second-hand stores?).

@sazius In my experience, you won't be getting any money for them, unless you happen to find a buyer, and that can be a bother and take long.

Recycling centers are happy to accept them and seem to find interested buyers.

@liw OK, I will definitely try the recycling centre then. I don't care about getting money for them (probably not worth the trouble). Thanks!

@sazius @liw Are you sure the Salvation army or Red cross second-hand shops won't want them? Ask them first, so that somebody may get the chance to buy them instead of them being thrown away.

@notclacke @sazius Those count as recycling centers to me.

The Finnish recycling centers ("kierrätyskeskus") are not places where you dump trash. They get old stuff as donations, and sell them, and the money goes into paying the staff. They're non-profits run by the municipalities, not for-profit corporations.

Sorry if that wasn't clear.

(The Salvation Army is another possiblity. The recycling centers are similar, except without the religous flavoring.)

@liw @sazius Ah, sorry. In Sweden-Swedish, recycling center is simply a 21st century word for garbage station, as most things can be sorted and recycled, at the worst at least incinerated for municipal heating, and very little goes to the landfill.

@notclacke @liw I looked it up, actually they call themselves "Reuse Centre" in English, probably to avoid exactly this confusion:

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