I'm shutting down my server and stopping Pumpa development:

@sazius whoa. Thank you for all you did on Pumpa... huge inspiration to me, and since it helped me use Pump.IO I think it's fair to say I wouldn't have spent enough time to learn the Pump API and then contribute to ActivityPub without it!

@cwebber Glad to hear it had a positive impact! :-) may or may not live on, but it was perhaps a necessary first step for ActivityPub to happen, which hopefully *is* the future of social networking.

When are we going to get a mastodon desktop client with pumpa's lack of bloat and ease of install?

@sazius Hello former user. (this is

@alienghic Hello! Thanks, I was just thinking I should try to find people I followed on over here :-)

@sazius You know I think that's one of the reason the commercial social networks are good at being sticky. They're very good at inferring who you actually know and suggesting to them.

Over here in free software land we it would be convenient if we had some kind of "change of address" system so you could find people on new services.

@alienghic Yeah, I agree. Switching servers (even within the same system) has always been a huge mess.

@sazius Thank you for your work on Pumpa, it was my favorite client!

@mnd No problem! I was mostly doing it for my own use, glad others liked it too :-)

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