What are your feelings on I got it set up some time ago, but I don't think I've had any real use for it... except once it warned me that the Let's Encrypt cert had expired on my domain 😃

Initially I liked the idea as a web-of-trust replacement/addition and that's also how I used it. But since they added all the other stuff like chat, file transfer, etc. I consider deleting my account again because people expect they can use keybase for this kind of stuff if they find me there, but I don't want to use this features.

@bjoern Yes, I'm also considering deleting my account there (which is why I'm asking).

In their recent email about EFAIL, I got the feeling they didn't consider PGP very important. I thought that was their only reason for existence :-)

@sazius I really like the Idea of being able to link PGP keys to accounts. However I don't think they should get into instant messaging and git, but instead focus on adding more verification options.

@bn4t Yeah, I also liked the idea itself - but I haven't actually had any real use of it personally to be honest. Sadly, the same could be said of GPG itself these days, with the exception of Debian-stuff.

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