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I got super high last night and I took pictures and videos to document it

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"No matter what the odds become; no matter how the world changes: it is necessary that we live our lives!"

- Dr. Bones, and Egoist Communist / inssurectionist, adapted from Jules Bonnot / @GuillotinePod

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Being an oppressor is a transparent identity. It can fit anyone, including white trans

was looking through all my stickers that I have left and this one is probably my fav and I rlly don't wanna use it lmao

Writers Guild of America asks all members to fire agents, writers union going on strike.

The median full-time writer in the US makes $20,300, below the poverty line.

The median part-time writer makes $6,300, enough to pay for a years worth of ramen, instant Folgers, and a futon for an abandoned Suburban. 30% of the US relies on temp/part-time/gig economy as a primary salary.

Pay. People. Enough. To. Live. With. Dignity. (Strike till you get it)

Feeling this post I saw in my memories from 3 years ago

I don't believe in supporting the black socialists of America because they're not on par of being annoying organization has the Democratic socialists of America nor the Black Rose libertarian socialist Federation.

Also I have decided to be kind of anti identity politics. I think I've become more civil libertarian to the point where I'm much much more individualistic


Fabio, from Rome but leaving in Barcelona. I was banned and deleted from because I announced the birth of the #blog of the local assembly of the grassroot political movement I support.

Those weirdos deal strangely with concepts like freedom and anti-fascism. I suggest to keep out.

I write a blog, mostly in #italiano on @linus

Interested in #bioinformatics #evolution #libertariansocialism #ecologism #antifa and #kittens

Aggression is simply another name for government.
-- Benjamin Tucker

#anarchism #quote #bot

why i say my politics is i want everyone to be comfortable Show more

Remember that time shehulk became a catgirl?

i just want the world to be comfortable

Spread the word If you're able to help sustain the important work we do, please consider it -

"Democratic Socialism Threatens All Minorities

Nothing better protects victims of bigotry than a system where they can pursue their needs and wants outside the realm of popular control."

As a black heteroflexible Cis man, how about no democracy, keep the socialism, and individual rule over the individual? Problem solved

Neo-Nazi who said homosexuality was 'unnatural' revealed as paedophile who groomed young boys

Former BNP youth leader who plotted to kill Labour MP told police he was a "straight virgin"

well that was quick

That I can benefit from setting up my own prices for my own labor, or I can shake hands with business partners like Bandcamp and upload my own products to their Marketplace, set up my own prices, own my own music and if I'm lucky to get a large amount of social capital, set up my own LLC. Like there's not many ideologies that allow the individual 2 be respected as an individual, and make moves to benefit others. - 3/3

Like being committed to for 5 years, I am into / / because I know that that holds the most benefit to My Individual self then any other philosophy out here - 2/3

Well I hate my life, so I think it's the best time to be even more serious sin I'm building up musical career. My politics my activist work? It's kind of secondary I only got involved in and the because I want to live in the world ( nowadays) a social and economical status in which I can just create and collaborate with other musicians free from the inability to move or schedule or go to small town clubs - 1/3

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