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i’m making 6 figures organizing 5ks that don’t really do anything to combat fat cock disease

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I wish to make something. Why me?

— Geshud Nilerush, Recruit

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Mastodon is still like old twitter and I love that

organizing is hard because people are fucking difficult to deal with

straddling a desire to remain informed and blissfully ignorant is difficult. I can feel my mood sinking into a pit of despair just from a half hour of listening to the news.

How has mastodon been doing frfr since all the growth that happened in 2017-1 8?

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The intended audience of "see something? Say something!" posters is white people. These are white supremacist posters.

been kinda depressed the last few days but I'm feeling better. Fucked up at work today and pissed off a coworker but they're easily-piss-offable anyway :/

really enjoying studying controls and instrumentation while the federated timeline quickly blinks by in the corner of my eye :')

@vantablack thanks for playing radiohead, I needed some radiohead tonight :)

back to mastodon after a long hiatus, happy to be back! New profile, not linking to the old one so I don't get doxxed.

awoo! mastodon

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