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If you've read and are considering running your own, check out

It's a project which aims to make self-hosting more accessible. All the major federated platforms are available to install via a friendly user interface.


Support is available over at

#yunohost #self-hosting #hbsc

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this is still the most compelling piece of propaganda I think I've ever seen


@freakazoid @niconiconi I dunno if there’s an easy explanation, and I’m probably just complaining.

I thought things would be more “put together” when i got to industry.

now that I’m here for a few years it’s apparently to me how many people operate with a very shallow understanding of science, engineering, etc.

Most people do mediocre work because they’re overworked and excellent work isn’t worth doing when you’re overworked.

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@niconiconi I’m convinced most people have no idea what’s going on anymore, all the good technical workers are dead now and we’re just grasping at straws by comparison

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@shoutcacophony I mean it’s how I commonly approach the need for sun screen, I never apply it and I hate the way it smells, feels, etc. But if I’m treading where I shouldn’t I’m sorry, it was a flippant comment you are correct to criticize my behavior

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What the fuuuuuuck how have I never heard of the Landless Worker's Movement

It's a horizontal squatting organization in Brazil somewhat akin to the Diggers, who occupy unused land it and just build farming communities on them. And it's worked. A lot of their squats have been recognized by the state. They now have over 1.5 *million* members, and I've never fucking heard of them

@fribbledom sorry I realize this is completely out of the context of your original post

@fribbledom seems hard to recycle. Could be burned in a waste to energy facility I guess

@jacethechicken I didn’t call the historic gov fascist, or I did not intend to. I don’t read what I said as saying that but I could’ve explained myself better probably.

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@jacethechicken not sure if I can sign on for the American revolution tbh

@ndaktuell could anyone translate the main idea of this into English?

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