We apologize for this interruption of your beautiful Saturday. July 20th but an important announcement must be made:

You need sunblock.

If you are going to be in direct or indirect sunlight, and you are an organic human being, you need sunblock.

Melanin, while beautiful, is NOT a Get-Out-Of-Skin-Cancer-Free card. It just isn't.

It doesn't matter if you "tan and don't burn", you need sunblock.

Everyone needs sunblock.

@redneck_happy @popstar

1) people who are at risk of thinking that the color of their skin will keep them from getting skin cancer, which btw, probably isn't your issue or concern

@redneck_happy @popstar

2) you had the time to write something about something that doesn't affect you. so there's that.

3) why be like this, comrade

@popstar, apologies for the replies, just trying to come get our political kinfolks here



unless you meant that literally, but that's like the time i talked myself into not having the time to brush and floss. which is true, i didn't, but wow did i pay for that later at the dentist

@shoutcacophony I mean it’s how I commonly approach the need for sun screen, I never apply it and I hate the way it smells, feels, etc. But if I’m treading where I shouldn’t I’m sorry, it was a flippant comment you are correct to criticize my behavior

@redneck_happy in any case, good talking! i read some of your posts yesterday, glad we're mutuals. 👋🏽

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