incomplete list of times violent* political movements were good and successful:

-Haitian slave revolt
-Jamacian slave revolt
-American revolution
-Stonewall (catalyst for modern LGBT movement)
-American Civil Rights Movement (esp. Black Panthers)
-Anti-Apartheid movements

(*all politics are violent, it's just a question of who the violence is directed at; a national border implies the violence required to back it up. I'm just demonstrating here that obvious political violence can be good)


@jacethechicken not sure if I can sign on for the American revolution tbh

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@redneck_happy I mean opposing your colonialist monarchy seems good to me. the founding fathers were not universally good by any means -- I'm not trying to put American on a pedestal or anything -- but the Revolution itself was, I'd argue, good.

@redneck_happy would America have been a lot better if they had banned slavery and racial discrimination from the getgo (there were, in fact, abolitionists during the revolution) and had a system of government that wasn't so easily co-opted by fascists? yes. obviously. but was the Revolution itself bad? I don't think so

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@jacethechicken I didnโ€™t call the historic gov fascist, or I did not intend to. I donโ€™t read what I said as saying that but I couldโ€™ve explained myself better probably.

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