In Madrid, there was a demonstration today with 100.000 people, protesting against the depopulation of the countryside.

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And here are just the US bases around China. But of course China is the evil one.

The US is such a peaceful nation, as can be seen from their 1000 military bases all over the world.

Australian nazi getting egged. This should happen more often.

video from

Some pictures from in . There was even a speech and q&a by the mayor. pics by @zipunih

My favorite sign was this.

The revolution will be feminist, or it wont be.

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Some nice Chinese propaganda from the Korean war.

What's more, some people have tried to enter Venezuela illegaly, while wearing symbols of the red cross, despite not being affiliated with the organization. This is a war crime according to the geneva convention.

And here is a video showing masked protesters attacking the "aid convoy" with molotov cocktails. Does that seem like the action of the Venezuelan military?

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The conflict in Venezuela has reached the next step. Yesterday the Americans and their Colombian puppets sent an "aid convoy" to the Venezuelan border. Now they claim that the Venezuelan government attacked an destroyed the convoy. But luckily we have pictures of the event, where we can see that the trucks did not even make it over the border.

Lyon: clash between fascist yellow vests (bottom left) and left-wing yellow vests (top right).

from birdsite:

This is an art installation in a subway station in . It lists the names of over 35.000 people who died trying to get into the "Fortress Europe". The list is extremely long, it spans at two walls on at least 20 meters length.

Sorry for the poor picture quality, there were a lot of people walking by and I didnt want to hold them up. The good thing is, a lot of people seemed curious about this list, and wanted to know what it means.

There we go. To be clear, I had't used this account for years. The only thing I still used it for was releasing android apps on google play, but I also stopped doing that a year ago. So I'm glad to be rid of this useless piece of junk.

Xi Jinping's speech for the new year is really great. Most of what he is talking about is improving conditions for the average worker and for the poor. He even thanks street cleaners and taxi drivers directly. And you know that he actually means it (unlike western politicians).

A Vietnamese mother and her children wade across a river, fleeing a bombing raid by United States aircraft.

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