I am watching a #Hero #movie, here is some of the #propaganda.
A hero is a male, he is respected because of his existence. He always fights only known evils but never questions the system. His consistent (literal) fighting of the bad social elements is supposed to make him respected and protect the feeble people against all evils thus ensuring a fair & welfare state.

As long as we have these kinds of movies, #Left can't rise.


@demonshreder I really liked the Wolf Warrior movies in this regard. There is a hero, but the movie is quite explicit that he can only succeed with the help of others.


@nutomic I saw both the movies now. I like the concept of it. I have Operation #Mekong too. There is a hero just for the audience to root and have a storyline but efforts are split.

Even scene with waving the #Chinese flag, people have to support the hero without which he can't stand up.

Even if this movie, sways support for the #PLA, I love the fact they put group efforts instead of hero worship - eg. Rambo.

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