if anyone wants to know whats going on with #venezuela right now here u go

@anna I just saw a ~cool video~ of a humanitarian aid truck being run down by soldiers and then executing the driver.

I'm not sure at this point if we're supposed to piss off and not get involved or if we should be very worried about the internal affairs of Venezuela.

@feld the "humanitarian aid" is how the US smuggles weapons and shit to the fascist groups they're propping up

@anna so what do we call the process by which we provide them with medical supplies and food and clean water? Because that's the part that sane people support.

@feld the process is called "we stop fucking installing fascist governments in south american or any countries"

@anna are you proposing that we stop giving them any aid at all and just ignore the situation entirely?

@feld @anna

Pretty funny to imply we actually care about giving Venezuelans aid when we're also applying sanctions and preventing the government from importing food and medicine by holding its gold hostage, and continually threatening invasion.

Think about the logic of simultaneously applying sanctions and providing "aid" How gullible are you? reuters.com/article/us-venezue

@jonkroe @anna this is only one piece to a very large puzzle. It's an important piece, but have you researched why there are sanctions in the first place?

@feld @jonkroe because the US doesn't like socialism because it's a threat to their hegemony, that's why there are sanctions in the first place

@anna @jonkroe That's patently false, don't play that shit. There are plenty of socialist countries we play nice with.
@anna @jonkroe Vietnam who is now building cars that will be sold in the USA?


"We, the people of India, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic and to secure to all its citizens..."

@feld @jonkroe @anna neither of these countries are socialist. And the US has a decades long history of starting wars or doing regime change wherever there is any form of socialism. Like Korea, Vietnam, Chile, Guatemala, Cuba, I could go on.

@feld @jonkroe @anna where is India in your list? And as far as I know, Vietnam hasn't been socialist in a long time, even if they call themselves socialist.

On the other hand, are you going to tell me the US has good relations with Cuba or China? Do you know about bay of pigs?

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