Inside 'cult-like' Facebook, where employees only pretend to be happy all the time
'...Several former employees likened the culture to a “cult.” [....] mployees don’t complain in the workplace.

“There’s a real culture of ‘Even if you are f---ing miserable, you need to act like you love this place,’” said one ex-employee who left in October. “It is not OK to act like this is not the best place to work.”

[....] “You have invisible charges against you, and that figures mightily into your review,” said an employee who left in October. “Your negative feedback can haunt you for all your days at Facebook.”...'

@jd @nutomic
Sounds like a job to me. Are there jobs where complaining about your workplace while at work won't get you in hot water?

@lesbianhacker @jd There is a difference between complaining, and protesting against things that are clearly immoral. Facebook is clearly discouraging the latter, because they dont care about their users or employees.

@nutomic @jd
Okay, poor choice of words on my part. Are there any workplaces where you can point out a disregard for ethics, whether blatant or subtle, where it won't get you into some sort of trouble? I've worked in several industries (as a low wage worker) and all of them have discouraged criticism one way or another, even when it's illegal to retaliate against certain criticisms.

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