season 3 of mastodon, out on netflix soon

Episode 1: Left Twitter Flocking
Episode 2: It’s My Birthday Give Me Boosts
Episode 3: 1K and Delete
Episode 4: Rise and Fall of WilW
Episode 5: The Self Destruction of Self Agency
Episode 6: Jorts Horse Rising
Episode 7: Scorpio Season
Episode 8: He’s Not Really Going to Fuck It, Is He?
Episode 9: Tumbling Down The Fedi
Episode 10: Time is a Flat Circle

@pbandkate @pbandkate It's a bit weird that I've been here since the beginning of your seaon, but I don't even recognize half of these things.

@nutomic yes this is definitely a "season three of mastodon as related to a specific cluster of instances" post but that's just not quite as catchy

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