Github is introducing federation between github.com and Github Business (which is self-hosted). One more reason for Gitlab to implement ActivityPub soon.

@nutomic Is GitLab AP something they're talking about, or that you'd want to see?

@dredmorbius There are some open issues for that on their issue tracker, which were linked on Mastodon a while back. No idea how to find them though. But afaik they haven't worked on that yet.

@nutomic @dredmorbius ForgeFed is the project your probably referring to github.com/forgefed/forgefed

It has people from GitLab and GitTea that were all seemingly trying to figure out how to make federation happen between git platforms if I followed that right.

@nutomic I'd be careful to call this federation. It's more or less the source code leveraging github.com's API for project pinging

@nutomic I wonder how this would affect their eventual exit (they have venture capital so they are going to get sold at some point) to Google or Microsoft?

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