It seems like is still looking for someone to manage their channel. They already have an account, so it would probably just be a matter of taking the videos from Youtube and uploading them to Peertube. Hopefully there is someone willing to help them.


@nutomic And now we have YouTube import in #PeerTube, it should not be very hard :)

@Chocobozzz The problem with that is, it can only be enabled for the whole instance, not per account. At least for me, that's too much risk for abuse. It would also be helpful if imports could be limited to a specific Youtube channel.

@nutomic I understand. I think limiting to a specific youtube channel is too much: maybe github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube would be a better solution

@Chocobozzz yeah it's just an idea, and it's probably overkill. Being able to allow imports per user should be enough.

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