I just moved my news bots over to newsbots.eu, because their rules are much better than botsin.space. Thanks to @jeroenpraat for hosting it :)

Check them out if you are interested in leftist and international news:

TelesurTV (English): @telesur_en
TelesurTV (Spanish): @telesur_es
Russia Today: @russiatoday@newsbots.eu
Its Going Down: @itsgoingdown

I will also consider adding more bots if you have any suggestions.

I stopped the Russia Today bot because I found out that there already is one: mastodon.internot.no/@RT

Guess mastodon.social is not federated with this instance.

"Unfortunately, there was an error looking up the remote account "


@noorul You could try pasting the link into the search box.


@noorul Hmm no idea about that. Maybe try it in the browser, or contact your instance admin/mods about this.

Browser. Trying to follow from Mastodon.social


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