We are currently having a discussion on the F-Droid forum about letting apps toot to the Fediverse. This would be used to share app changelogs, and eventually display comments from the Fediverse inside the F-Droid app. Unfortunately, none of us has experience with Mastodon/Pleroma development, so it would be very helpful if a developer could give some input.

The thread is rather long, so feel free to make a comment here or on the forum and we will give you specific questions we have.


@nutomic I am firmly on the side of implementing #ActivityPub specifically for #FDroid. This would decrease overhead significantly, and would probably produce a more powerful tool for fdroid users and developers

@ster We discussed that in the forum thread, but implementing ActivityPub from scratch would be a ton of effort, and we don't have the manpower for it. Some things that we get for free with Mastodon/Pleroma, and we'd have to implement from scratch in that case:
- moderation tools
- web interface
- option for app developers to post from app account

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