We are currently having a discussion on the F-Droid forum about letting apps toot to the Fediverse. This would be used to share app changelogs, and eventually display comments from the Fediverse inside the F-Droid app. Unfortunately, none of us has experience with Mastodon/Pleroma development, so it would be very helpful if a developer could give some input.

The thread is rather long, so feel free to make a comment here or on the forum and we will give you specific questions we have.


@cwebber Do you mind leaving a comment on this? Would be highly appreciated!

@fdroidorg Sure... isn't too hard, just choose an ActivityPub compatible server and start posting using that server's client-to-server API. (ActivityPub has its own C2S API, but Mastodon has its own API so if you're using Mastodon you'll have to use that.) Address it publicly and the post should federate over the ActivityPub network to your subscribers.

@cwebber @fdroidorg The main question is which server we should use. Right now we are thinking either Mastodon or Pleroma, but none of us has experience with them. So we don't know what would work best for our use case. Pleroma has lower resource usage, but we don't know how much lower. And maybe Pleroma is missing some features compared to Mastodon?

@nutomic @fdroidorg

Pleroma works fine on a Raspberry Pi, so that’s pretty nice. It’s also easy to deploy, which makes it great for single user instances or in this case, single app instances?

Maybe @lain or @kaniini could help with more technical insight. The #Pleroma IRC channel is also a great place to ask questions :)
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