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Ich hab eben ein paar neue News-Bots eingerichtet:
Der Postillon: @derpostillon
Telepolis: @telepolis
Nachdenkseiten: @nachdenkseiten

Ich hoffe die sind hilfreich :)

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I just moved my news bots over to, because their rules are much better than Thanks to @jeroenpraat for hosting it :)

Check them out if you are interested in leftist and international news:

TelesurTV (English): @telesur_en
TelesurTV (Spanish): @telesur_es
Russia Today:
Its Going Down: @itsgoingdown

I will also consider adding more bots if you have any suggestions.

This Mastodon instance is getting too outdated (its running a 9 month old version), so I finally decided to move to a new instance. Please follow me @felix

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Everyone's sharing the close-up image of the black hole itself, which is neat, but here is a zoomed-out view of the gigantic mass of space-stuff that it is busily consuming:

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It's no longer "socialism or barbarism". Now it's "socialism or extinction".

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🐇 Illuna is welcoming you to this year’s Easter Event!
We bring you exclusive and fun items, so don't miss your chance or you gotta wait one year to get them. 😉

Find out more:

Have fun!

#illuna #minetestserver #gaming #gameing #opensource not #minecraft :minecraft: #minecraftserver

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Riots in Copenhagen's Nørrebro district after leader of hate-based extreme-right "Tight Course" (Stram Kurs) Rasmus Paludan, recently sentenced to 14 days in prison for racist propaganda, went there to propagandize on Blågårds Plads, but counter-protesters objected until Paludan got police escort out of there.
Video: BT

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Hallo zusammen! :anxde:

Heute gibt es statt einem Artikel ein Interview mit @ulrichkelber

Vielen Dank an dieser Stelle nochmals an den Bundesbeauftragten für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit! #BfDI

Zum Interview geht es hier entlang:

Grüße vom #AnoxinonTeam

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The silence in most of the developer community around the current events like Assange's arrest scares me. Literally no one I follow from the "open source" community posted about this topic, everyone is so happy slaving away for their masters :/
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Gesucht wird eine Onlineplattform für übersetzungen von längeren Texten. Nur Freie Software. Gerne auch zum selberhosten, aber kein muss.

#translation #übersetzung #literatur #plattform #frage #help

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Hello Mastodon, I have the sads. Please send me pictures of your pets that are not cats.

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"Bereits 1851 begann Amsterdam, systematisch Daten der Bevölkerung zu erheben, um optimal ihre Ressourcen zu verteilen. [...]

Im Mai 1940 rissen die einmarschierten deutschen Besatzer das Register an sich und ermittelten anhand dieses Datenschatzes in wenigen Tagen fast alle jüdischen Einwohner. Von einem Tag auf den anderen entschied ein Marker im Big-Data-Pool über Leben und Tod. Zuvor hatte 90 Jahre lang niemand etwas zu verbergen gehabt."

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Free Julian #Assange and Chelsea #Manning!

Protest @ #Colombo Fort Railway Station on April 16 at 4pm. Spread the news and be there! Speak up! Raise your voice!

#SriLanka #Unity4J #FreeAssange #FreeChelseaManning #WikiLeaks

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The EU attacks Venezuela, yet are silent when their member states engage in brutal repression.

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?? This is awesome! :ruby:

"Build up professional development experience by contributing to open source projects with the help of a mentor. RubyMe pairs early-career developers from under-represented backgrounds with seasoned Rubyists.

Choose specific areas to focus on. Get paid for 8 hours per month, learning best practices from experienced developers and contributing to Ruby open source."

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Looks like some shit from #Twitter is starting to leak into the #Fediverse. I just had @Cloudflare follow me and, at first, I was really curious to see why. I went to their page and saw that they're following 277 people and it *looks* like they made their account just 3 hours ago.

This robotic mass following of accounts to gain attention is one of the things I detest about Twitter. It's great to see such a terrible organisation as @Cloudflare join the Fediverse and do the same crap as on Shitter, which most of us are trying to get away from :blobderpy:

I also just noticed that they have that stupid "verified" emoji in their display name as if it actually means something :blobrollingeyes:

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