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Kennt ihr das, wenn jemand im Gespräch behauptet:"Mir ist Datenschutz sehr wichtig!" und euch dann im Nachgang per Google E-Mail-Adresse kontaktiert? Darauf meine (automatische) Antwort:

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List of #ActivityPub projects in development (October update) Show more

Der Demoserver ist umgezogen, auf dem neuesten Stand gebracht und endlich wieder flott unterwegs!

Das (inoffizielle) deutschsprachige Wiki hat jetzt endlich eine eigene Domain:

Ich frage mich ob Benutzer überhaupt eine Schmerzgrenze zum FB nicht mehr benutzen haben. Erst wenn jemand persönlich betroffen ist? Und dann "jetzt ist es ja auch egal"?

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Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of NineInchNails will compose the music for Damon Lindelof’s WatchmenHBO series.

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Zap 1.0RC
Zap is a social networking server implementing the Zot6 protocol. This is the first reference implementation of that protocol. The network is sparse at the moment with only a small handful of pioneers. Integration with legacy Zot applications (such as Hubzilla and Red) is scheduled for later in the year.

Osada 1.0RC
Osada is a social networking server implementing both ActivityPub and Zot6. It can communicate with both networks.

These projects represent tradeoffs between different social networking and social media features. Osada provides greater social reach, with a corresponding loss of privacy controls and account resilience (nomadic identity). Zap provides the full capabilities of Zot, which includes privacy controls, private media, and account resilience; with a corresponding lack of federation with networks that do not offer these features -- hence a much smaller and more intimate social graph.

Both projects and a handful of addons/apps are available now from . These both use the LAMP stack and are licensed under the MIT license.

The Zot6 protocol is described at
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Most assumptions about Facebook or some other large corporate entity taking over the fediverse seem to assume they would use the embrace,extend,extinguish tactic.

Not necessary and horrendously expensive. All they need to do is send in a dozen toxic people and the fediverse will destroy itself from inside arguing about how to deal with them.
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Mike Kuketz hat die App #Vivy analysiert (soweit das ohne Zugriff auf den Quellcode möglich ist) und mehrere Tracker gefunden, die die Nutzer.innen der App ausspionieren: /c

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