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by way of looking at the seaport, which is argueably not really boston

These closings are despite enormous tax breaks GM has received and will continue to receive. In Detroit there was the destruction of an entire community through the use of eminent domain when they built the now-to-be-closed plant.

“The City of Miami has adopted a resolution residents hope will help curb climate gentrification, the phenomenon where as sea levels rise the wealthy displace low-income residents as they relocate from their once desirable coastal locations.”

Feel like celebrating it, swam 1500 yards freestyle today without stopping followed by 500 yards combo backstroke and breaststroke finally with 200 yards cool down

Finally have a solid install of 14 running from home on an old laptop... Going to see how well organized I can get Deck and Tasks. Starting to think Nextcloud needs its own distro option could easily be up there with a chromebook

It’s a myth, of course, that the refugees are an “invasion force” coming to infiltrate the United States “illegally.” Quite the contrary, they want to reach regular ports of entry and make their applications for asylum — a right they...

Ooh, hey. Today seems like a good day for a give-away! Boost this in the next 24 hours for a chance to win your choice of one of these three shirts.


#Jolla released the first #Sailfish3 update for early access users. The #SailfishOS 3.0.0 Lemmenjoki update introduces many new features. Some of the highlights are:

- New quick access top menu
- New light ambiances with inverted colors
- New gestures added that allows switching keyboards with a simple sideways swipe
- USB OTG support and SD card encryption added
- And more...

Jolla blog post:
Full release notes:

Just upgraded to on the Xperia, really nice new interface pieces, really fast running OS and loving it. The rolling features to be released later make me really excited to see where are going!

Also want to share that I am using which does not share my info in the cloud and fits the spot that MiFit does in collecting data.

OK recently got a waterproof smart band (amazfit cor) and felt I never really cared for these watch like things cause well just seems a lot for very little. In this case I spent little and seem I got a good amount. But now I can say I get it in part. The device sends notifications from my phone and it is nice to see the message and not have to respond. Also the heart rate part is nice cause that is why I actually got it for exercise specifically swimming at the community pool.

Readers following events in Germany may have seen the alarming news that in late August the far right took over the streets of Chemnitz in two days of racist, anti-immigrant actions... The news since has been better. On Saturday, October 13, the day...

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