" The revolution is not an apple that falls when ripe. You have to make it fall."

Che Guevara

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I will not win friend with this comment, but really liking star trek discovery season 2

“The concept of 'white genocide' has an American past in need of excavation. Without such an effort, we may fail to appreciate the tenacity of the dogma it expresses, and the difficulty of eradicating it.” portside.org/2019-03-17/white-

“The concept of 'white genocide' has an American past in need of excavation. Without such an effort, we may fail to appreciate the tenacity of the dogma it expresses, and the difficulty of eradicating it.”

@argumento @policeinchains yes agreed to disagree, I am not holding Bernie up as a savior, read what I shared those are only a tip of the iceberg of the debates.

As for ANTIFA it is not a place for regroupment of the socialist left, not that it is not important, in fact there are many in DSA in that network, but it gets similar criticisms.

Come visit so I can return the favor when I was in Mexico. I understand your concerns, but organizing in this space is going to be a slow process

@argumento @policeinchains I get it no doubt there are those concerns. But keep in mind having a surge of new members calling them socialists is so deeply new and many are skeptical that change can happen even if Bernie were to win. Those debates you raise are there. DSA is becoming a re-groupment of the socialist movement these are not all just brand new members, though a majority but there are good debates and struggles within. I need to reemphasize this is no the DSA from yesteryear. Socialism is no longer a four letter word it is more common and we have to thank Bernie for that in part. Anyway ... examples newpol.org/should-dsa-endorse-


The bernie debate will be big on the approach and the concerns you are raising.

@argumento @policeinchains I think you are assuming a lot more of than what is happening. This is not an endorsement of electoralism, the struggle is inside DSA on ways if any to building a party but that is much farther down the road. Electoralism is not the end all answer. The Rank and File Strategy is also part of it too and re-calling people to work in industry is deeply important to the socialist struggle, we have seen that in terms of teachers this year, rank and file teachers confronts and changed the approaches of unions, those are key and working with new members to DSA and getting them into industry is happening, just not every where, which is why caucuses are forming in DSA that bring good politics to the organizing etc.

@argumento @policeinchains I think we need to agree to disagree, things are drastically different on the ground we have thousands of people new to socialism and working to become radical, I think the challenge is accepting this is the struggle and this is where people will become more radical and eventually revolutionary. The fact is we cannot ignore it, all the leftist groups are losing members to it and the matter is it is an umbrella and where we need to be.

@argumento @policeinchains What are you suggesting we do? Cause right now there is a lot happening and in the past year alone amazing amount in numbers of education and consciousness is great there are actively so many people willing to do a lot but at the same time needing to learn more, but they are so willing at this point. The benefit of Bernie and AOC is that socialism stays in the headlines, the word for most of our lives was a 3rd rail the fact that it is openly being discussed and challenged is a linguistic win that many of us thought would never happen (see Michael Alberts Parecon).

@argumento @policeinchains @marsxyz I think you are right to be concerned that people look up instead of across and the success at the ballot box in has blurred that, but again people who are doing electoral work in DSA are not fooled to think they can reform the Democratic Party, some may still linger but the ones I have work with are not falling for that trap, but they are looking for alternatives and one that has come up is a model from the Richmond Progressive Alliance richmondprogressivealliance.ne which many Solidarity comrades have been involved in and has been debated in our organization on its approach, naturally many on different sides of it but I take it as a good model in our electoral dynamic.

@argumento @policeinchains @marsxyz There is taking the argument that we let bernie run and not take advantage of it, I dont want to get stuck in a debate of who is a radical and who isnt, the fact is 55,000 people joined an organization that says it is socialist, that same upsurge move the DSA to remove its affiliation with the Socialist International, adopt basically Solidarity's Labor Commission including a strong push for the Rank and File Strategy as well as supporting BDS, we cannot ignore that it changed dramatically into what is now a new organization. There are caucuses in it organizing it and working to make it more radical, but it is a regroupment, that has jostled other orgs like the ISO, Socialist Alternative and many others that are trying to figure out how to relate to the DSA or let member be dual members (fyi Solidarity has dual members).

So spent a day working almost entirely from including using their email app, and I have to say it was not bad, i think i can make this work, so for the moment I dont have separate clients for email, calendar, tasks or notes and password administration as well, which passman is pretty interesting and seems to work well with the firefox extension. Still need to work out the kinks, but so far so good.
Basically seems one could run most of their work in their own server without the need for anything than a light system to connect to the net.

Restoring my laptop after some issues, but damn on next backup i need ignore .config directory so many configs for apps i removed taking up a lot of space

@policeinchains @marsxyz @argumento Just to be clear the old adage of the DSA and the Harringtonites are gone from that organization in terms of leadership and the on the ground part of it is that we do not have a workers or socialist party, it is way too soon to build one, even in its current situations DSA is 55,000 members still far short of the CP back in the 1930s. So sure I have no faith in the Democratic Party, none, but Bernie running keeps the discussion going and keeps building DSA where people are actively becoming organized and active as they never have. I am not looking for change from the top but him running helps build a base.

@argumento I think there is a lot that none on the left expected and the idea that a white old man would inspire a generation to openly explore socialism is not on anyone's list but it is relevant that there is a large amount of people that are interested in this. I think it is a good publication for people that are new to this movement, it is not something I hold up and wave, it has its criticisms but a publication is a talking piece.

One of the most important things to anyone new to organizing...


Nothing happens overnight, it takes time and sometimes years and compromise to get the change we need!

Organizing is not easy, it will frustrate and piss you off, but we keep at it!

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