@policeinchains @marsxyz @argumento Just to be clear the old adage of the DSA and the Harringtonites are gone from that organization in terms of leadership and the on the ground part of it is that we do not have a workers or socialist party, it is way too soon to build one, even in its current situations DSA is 55,000 members still far short of the CP back in the 1930s. So sure I have no faith in the Democratic Party, none, but Bernie running keeps the discussion going and keeps building DSA where people are actively becoming organized and active as they never have. I am not looking for change from the top but him running helps build a base.

@argumento I think there is a lot that none on the left expected and the idea that a white old man would inspire a generation to openly explore socialism is not on anyone's list but it is relevant that there is a large amount of people that are interested in this. I think it is a good publication for people that are new to this movement, it is not something I hold up and wave, it has its criticisms but a publication is a talking piece.

One of the most important things to anyone new to organizing...


Nothing happens overnight, it takes time and sometimes years and compromise to get the change we need!

Organizing is not easy, it will frustrate and piss you off, but we keep at it!

Not going to leave yet, but really do think that we need to move away from relying on social media and get back to blog posts and interconnecting the discussions that way.

I do wonder if this is a challenge in terms of communication, but when an email has a separate topic to a group wouldnt it make more sense to create a new email thread for a new topic... just saying getting lost in emails on what was suggested where

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The rise and fall of Local 8 of the IWW, a predominantly Black but integrated union, is the subject of Peter Cole’s gripping Wobblies on the Waterfront. He follows this remarkable union from its total shutdown of the waterfront in a 1913... solidarity-us.org/philadelphia

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From day one of the strike, huge majorities of teachers showed up at their schools every morning to hold the picket lines, together with parents and students. solidarity-us.org/l-a-teachers

“Five hundred CTU members in the Acero charter network struck for a week in December... Teachers in Denver, Colorado, voted 93 percent to authorize a strike...”


Roots of the Far Right... Pasokization... Rising Dangers... Shutting Down Democracy... Strategic Debates...

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The AWC fight is to stop the plant closings, first of all, but also to convert the industry away from its unsustainable reliance on cars and trucks. Here’s the Autoworker Caravan for the 2019 International Auto Show.


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@sazius @clacke That was a long time ago and yeah I had when I was involved with mayfirst. I think it was more or less a test at the time. I cant remember either and since have left mayfirst and no longer part of its tech team.

by way of looking at the seaport, which is argueably not really boston

These closings are despite enormous tax breaks GM has received and will continue to receive. In Detroit there was the destruction of an entire community through the use of eminent domain when they built the now-to-be-closed plant.

“The City of Miami has adopted a resolution residents hope will help curb climate gentrification, the phenomenon where as sea levels rise the wealthy displace low-income residents as they relocate from their once desirable coastal locations.”

@pelican3301 @SolidarityUS I think that indoctrination is hitting its own wall. I know it is challenge, but things like the tech workers coalition and various other tech worker organizing that i have been seeing happening since honestly came into power, makes it for a very interesting time. The libertarian trend is there but it now has something to face. No doubt though I agree that it is a challenge to organize.

@pelican3301 @SolidarityUS I disagree, tech workers are workers. I know the libertarian part of many make them a challenge to organize but efforts like this are showing cracks in that libertarian wall. I should mention specifically this is the US libertarian which is vastly different then outside the US. Seeing any tech workers taking action like this is showing the possibility of them being organized. That $65k you speak of will not stay it will eventually drop like every other job, casualizing their work is a key goal of all tech companies.

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