by way of looking at the seaport, which is argueably not really boston

Hey labor folks, tech workers and all, if you can make it at the end of September hit this up! | NYC Troublemakers School via @labornotes

Is there such a thing as knowing your cat and your cat knowing you too well?

What are the rights of a cat to the lap... trying to figure is this an excuse to get out of work?

The Two Souls of Democratic Socialism

"Some New Politics readers will recognize the title of this article as a paraphrase of Hal Draper’s “Two Souls of Socialism,” which appeared in New Politics in 1966. The first version, however, appeared in the socialist student magazine Anvil in 1960, just as a new generation of youthful activists was emerging, inspired to a large extent by the civil rights movement. Draper’s two souls were the various forms of elite socialism, from British middle-class Fabianism to Stalinism, versus the revolutionary socialism from below that Draper championed—the socialism of Marx. Draper’s hope was to move the radicals of what became the New Left to revolutionary democratic socialism."

A key section on labor changes in the 1990s in Book On New Terrain... For those in the labor movement we may recall the failures achieved.

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