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All should move to Signal | Telegram loses Supreme Court appeal in Russia, must hand over encryption keys 9to5google.com/2018/03/20/tele via @benlovejoy

@marxistvegan Yeah, I got a nagging feeling about Telegram so deleted my account.

I both love and hate it when my spidey sense is correct.

That is what happens when you keep the server code hidden from community and make the system non federated.

@Thom appreciate it and I am fully aware of xmpp and omemo, the problem is that most dont have them, most have signal, this message I sent were for the last stranglers. I support the idea of xmpp and omemo but the adoption plan is lacking in terms of scale. Not something I am willing to spend time on.


It depends on what your contacts are using.
Personally, I use both.
Conversation is convenient when you don't want to give your phone number.

@Thom yeah I understand, i mostly gave up on xmpp + omemo cause it lacks a good adoption plan and rather keep things tight then spread. Telegram is the last one to kick before i just have it to two manageable ones Signal and WhatsApp. Unfortunately the movement work I do mostly involves comrades with numbers and not with xmpp accounts

@marxistvegan we are aware that telegram originally rolled its own crypto, right? People concerned about privacy should have dropped or avoided telegram long ago.


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