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Check out our upcoming Midwest Day School! Mark your calendars July 28th in !

I wonder what type of rail system we would have if all the wasted money for autodriving cars were put into rail

Of the rare times I take a train... I really wish we had more passenger rail in the US. Trains are such a great way to travel.

2942. Capitalism, Automation, and Socialism: Karl Marx on the Labor Process | “[T]he automation, including robotization and the rise of the “gig economy,” is the historical tendency of the capitalist mode of production...” forhumanliberation.blogspot.co

Almost everyone now uses this word in an unthinking way but “populism” is not an innocent characterization. The term has political implications.


With the upon us, if you are in a union or consider a union job it is worth the read... solidarity-us.org/rankandfiles

Including in the relationships with ICE also include Department of Defense (DoD), Pentagon etc.

"Strikes are won by workers—often with a little help from their friends. ...Here are some lessons from their experience"


"We look here at the origins of this rebellion, at the alternatives facing it, and at the responsibilities of those of us in the United States toward the people of Nicaragua."

This might be a stretch, but anyone on here as an employee inside Microsoft, Google, and/or Amazon that are working inside to petition them to break their relationship with ICE? DM me as I know someone working on a story about it and would like to connect you

If you want to bring about change commit to a movement (jump into the deep end), don't commit yourself to every movement (get out of the shallow end) and above all join a socialist group for support, education, and organizing. solidarity-us.org/whyorganizat