Would you more likely subscribe to a magazine if it was in






#SailfishOS update EA out now. Be patient servers are slow

With @twitter@twitter.com shifting their API to a more restrictive method, making third-party clients an expense for developers, you can also follow us on soc.ialis.me/@SolidarityUS

Did not realize that somehow gained a lot of follower here, i should pay attention more often... not that I spend much time on other social medias (mediums...?)

I have been listening to Cake all week and I don't think I will ever stop.

“We’re still in the process of building the political culture that anchors the politics of someone like Jeremy Corbyn. Right now, McCain’s death and the ritual honoring of him provides us with the opportunity to educate people about the real John McCain”

“But in a new study, University of Illinois sociology professor Tom VanHeuvelen finds that unions created benefits for individual workers, and that their decline is directly responsible for the lack of cash in workers’ bank accounts.”

Remember how careful women have to be about rejecting men and then remember how many instance admins are men.

waiting for the next economic crisis and really hopes developers get screwed... would be nice to occupy a lot of the sold but unoccupied condos

Trains are interesting last month on the way home ended up having a long conversation about and even had that moment of how ten years ago it would have been more hushed conversation. This time around on the way down the guy sitting across is an antiunion employee at a staffing company. I liked last month's better.

Who'd a thunk that swimming and breathing out your nose saves sooo much energy. Been swimming 3 days a week for the past several months and today followed some advice to exhale through the nose and boom went from struggling to swim 150 yards, to doing 250 yards in 1 day. Anxious to go again tomorrow!

Hey labor folks, tech workers and all, if you can make it at the end of September hit this up! | NYC Troublemakers School via @labornotes labornotes.org/NYC

Hey and parts nearby... I am heading there on the 18th of August! Join me there for some great socialist political education including Labor Rank and File Strategy!

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