@jeremiah_ China? :-) At least looking at numbers of women in IT. :-)

@mardy Well isn't feminism only partly about work and mostly about the equality of females in every aspect of society? It strikes me that Russia is very authoritarian and patriarchal. An example might be the rise of the Orthodox Church in public life and politics in the last two decades.

@jeremiah_ True, about feminism and the rise of the Orthodox Church. But it's not true that the society is patriarchal, women are much more free to choose every aspect of their life; I cannot compare with the U.S., but I can tell you for sure they are much more empowered in Russia than in Italy. One good read: rbth.com/lifestyle/327529-russ (though, if you read more under the "women" tag in the site, you'll indeed find that the issue is not so black & white -- lots of problems still exist, and it may be that the society is actually heading in the wrong direction. Soviet times were good! :-) )

@mardy Russia had a reputation of being more equal between the sexes in the Soviet days. I don't know what its like today but I can't imagine a woman being President. In fact, I can't imagine anyone other than Putin being President.

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