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Someone offered to pay me to write and record some dialogue for a post apocalyptic shock jock.

I am living the dream.

The writing on Brooklyn 99 is pretty funny. Shame it's in the service of humanizing pigs.

Everyone should be so lucky as to live as long as he did, but it still hurts to know I live in a world where Harlan Ellison's wild creativity has ended.

Just finished recording the audio version of Faux Pas. The book should be in your hands by the first week of July, as soon as we finish cutting it out of this guy.

Weird fact: when I rub my beard close to a microphone, the recording sounds wet.

If you want to make your name in the OSR by filling an unfilled need, or just want to help the community, here's a handy doc:

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Also: my parents were this weird flavor of fundamentalist white people who believed "fart" was a horrible swear word. "Toot" was the only acceptable replacement, and as such, mastadon will always feel weird to me.

When replying to a boosted toot, I wish it would default to replying both to the original tooter, and to the person I follow who boosted it.

As a rule, I'm more often going to be interested in talking to the person I know who showed me a thing, rather than a person I don't know who may not be interested in hearing what a stranger has to say about their thing.

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I really want this to be the beginning of an RPG with the main villain being some kind of cyber wizard.

Just finished the longest narration recording I've ever done, clocking in at over an hour.

I wonder why I have to belch so much when I make these.

GDQ is always fun to watch, but it certainly highlights all the problems with the community.

How many clones of the same white guy exist?

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It’s weird, but I feel like I’ve reached a point in growing older where I am more often celebrating things I left behind in my youth than mourning the ones I’ve lost. Getting older seems like good stuff these days.

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I get more boosts and favorites than replies.

It feels cool when people like what I say, but I start to get into a "performance media" mentality, rather than a "social media" one.

Blogs on Tape is a weird responsibility sometimes. I'm running this community service, intended to make the OSR more accessible and open. Meant to bring people together.

At what point is it okay for me to refuse to read someone's work based on their bad behavior? I'd never signal boost a nazi apologist like Macris or Tarnowski, but there's a wide gradient leading to that extreme, and I'm not always confident in where I ought to draw the line.

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