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FOUR TIMES! This shit never happens, what the fuck.

I live across the street from an open field which hosts several dozen firework stands every summer. So from late May to mid-July is 24/7 fireworks every year.

For the most part, it doesn't bother me at all. However, there is this ONE firework. It's huge. After it goes off, every car alarm for miles goes off.

You never know when it's going to happen. It must be expensive, because it only goes off a few times a week.

Went off twice just now. My cat is terrified.

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I'm not saying "go buy an Amazon Echo", but this is exactly the same thing as a butt-dial — and if you've ever received a butt-dial and not hung up the moment you worked out what was happening then you are a bigger threat to privacy than the phone.

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@kensanata Copyright extension is a classic example of focused benefits always winning out over dispersed interests. And worse, Disney *knows* the cost of Mickey entering the public domain. Nobody can know the value to society of all the stuff that would have otherwise entered the public domains. Which makes projects like the one that lists all the stuff that would have entered the public domain every year under different years' copyright laws really important.

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Shit! Which exact shade of red is my favorite again??

#funny #ui #ux #design

They say the past is a foreign country.

So, is there a word for History Weeaboos yet? Because there needs to be a word for that.

I've spent most of this evening tinkering with my solution to the Anti-Javelin Battery puzzle in Infinifactory.

I've got my cycles down from 362 to 220, and even reduced my footprint (411 to 360) and block count (209 to 159) to boot!

I realize nobody knows what I'm talking about, but I'm feeling satisfied with myself and I wanted to share.

Mighty @admin hear my plea: why did you take 388 characters away from me?

Hey! Where did my extra 388 characters go!? >:(

What is it about Communism 101 groups that brings out the worst in people?

If you ask your basic questions about Communism in a meme group, or a debate group, or basically any other kind of communist group, you'll generally meet helpful people interested in educating you.

If you ask them in a Communism 101 group, you'll be bombarded with pendants eager to belittle you to boost their own ego.

I am bummed I have to cut this out of my essay:

"There are many things I'd like to see parceled out equitably: healthcare, wealth, access to the means of production. That doesn't extend to stuff like "fun," "love," or "feelings of accomplishment." Those will always need to be earned.

Philosophy major's lament:

When I use the word "necessarily," I always do it with intention. It's meant to be read as a strict logical function.

The way most people use it has trained people to hear it as a filler word. Something to be ignored, like "very" or "really."

This bugs me way more than the deterioration of the word "literally."

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For some reason, I can only access on my laptop. On my desktop, it's giving me a "Corrupted Content Error."

A friend just asked me if I was working from home today.

It's such a small thing, but that's a level of dignity I have not often been given as a writer. People who want that information ask if I have the day off (from my day job).

The Hunger Games is a story of a young woman who discovers she has the unique power of being immune to Chekhov's Gun.

How do you politely tell someone "That piece of writing is bad to the point of being completely incoherent." ?

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