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BREAKING NEWS: Capitalist thinks not-for-profit social media site is crumbling. It has to be crumbling, right? Because who makes the money? If nobody makes money it doesn't work, so it's crumbling. Case closed. QED. Capitalism is the best.

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Piracy is good, Intellectual Property stifles innovation, screw capitalism :socialiststar:

@_ampersand @Dayglochainsaw

Colorful fabrics became cheaper to produce, and less of a status symbol. Custom tailoring replaced it as a way for the well off to visually separate themselves from the poors.

I am all sortsa bummed today, but I can't put my finger on any particular source. Just random depression. I dislike it.

@jacethechicken The red color pallet of my instance has saved me again.

@ContraPointsBot I have nothing helpful to say, but Binging with Babish might have had this problem the other day? The video was stuck displaying at 360p for hours.

These gel fuel canisters break down to $4.50 each.

Using this recipe, I refilled one of my canisters for less than a dollar.

It's burning great. Super recommended.

@rafu Minor, but extant. I think I probably should have eaten something other than crackers and cheese for dinner.

The episode of Bob's Burgers where a mob of teenage girls get revenge on Logan feels like justice in my heart.

I am drinky enough to ask any sorta question anyone might wanna ask me.

(this is a desperate plea for attention because I am a sad sort of person.)

@toro it round, but twice round? Like an 8? Aw yis, is it like that?

What level of drunk is it when I cry over Louise saving a turkey on Bob's Burgers?

I bet my parents would like Bob's Burgers if I could get them to watch it.

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For someone who is low-contact with their parents, I spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about their approval.

I'd like to find a good source for history news, which is an amusing oxymoron.

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