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Please pirate AAA games all you want. Anything at all, it doesn't matter.

But pls think twice before pirating indie games



@susannah Two thoughts:

1. Lack of communication. If you can't communicate with people, then they don't seem like people. It's easy for minor annoyances to blow out of proportion.

2. A lot of time people spend in cars is to and from work. Doing something they hate doing for no pay, because employers don't have to pay you for your commute.

Nine times out of ten, people waxing poetic about the importance of family is just code for romanticizing abuse.


A person's political and religious beliefs ought to be important to them.

Though I won't make the argument FB engenders a healthy relationship with discussion.

I was worried, when I was picking a song to use for the intro and outro of Blogs on Tape, that whatever I picked I would eventually get tired of.

Turns out it's completely impossible to get tired of this song.

@freakazoid @kensanata A relationship that can only be maintained by keeping your most important beliefs hidden is not a relationship worth saving.

"At this rate, about two years from now someone will be asking me to sign a petition demanding Trump convert the killing vans to electric motors." -My buddy John

As a Communist: Scrooge McDuck is bourgeois imperialist swine who has earned his date with madam Guillotine a hundred times over.

As a guy born in 1987: DUCK TALES, WOO-OO!

@PresGas Blogs come and blogs go, it's the natural flow of things.

@fribbledom Hard to pin one down, but perhaps "The Duchy of the Damned Dancing Duke?"

It's an adventure I wrote last year. I've rarely been so focused on a single thing, and it's certainly the biggest single project I've ever completed. I'll be more proud once I actually get the thing in print.

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I never need to belch more frequently than when I'm trying to record an episode of Blogs on Tape.

I find the speedrunning community fascinating. There's a lot to be impressed with about the way they organize themselves. It's basically a functional anarchist collective. On the other hand, it's hard to ignore that it's the whitest, malest community in the land. Politics doesn't come up much, but when it does it's basically always reactionary, and it's easy to see how non-whitemans are kept out.

The comments on this video are interesting.

TL;DR: some guy criticized the speedrunning community. There was an Internet mob about it. Now, a year later, folks are repenting of their bad behavior.

Basically every comment on the video would serve equally well if the topic were a woman saying "This community is misogynistic," or a Black person saying "This community is racist." Somehow I doubt that would happen.

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It is through the seizure and utilization of retro imagery and attractive nostalgia that we may not only communicate memetically, but deny our enemies refuge within them.

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