Every social media site needs to have a "show me every interaction I've ever had with X person" feature.

1. It would help a lot when people change their avatar, because I only remember most people by their avatars.

2. It would help when someone I follow is acting shitty and I need to make a value judgement about their current shitty behavior relative to their overall behavior.

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TL, DR: this pride month, consider how hard it can be for trans men to feel proud, when "successful" transition feels like it has to aim at a place that nobody believes in the beauty and goodness of.

Help him see the goodness of being more male, even if that means confronting whether YOU can see it. Reclaiming good masculinity is a community effort.

@PresGas Rulebooks tend to require a free version, which then helps sell supplements.

@PresGas It's a tricky balance, but I look at PWYW as kind of an idealistic trap. Something a publisher should only use if they consider the product free, but want to attach a tip jar. Very few people will use it,

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@sandrockcstm @KBY30 I'm a fan of a well placed hard game over screen, but games certainly don't need a fail state, and there's a wide swath of options between "GAME OVER" and no fail state at all. An infinity of options.

In case you missed it yesterday: I've re-released The Bloodsoaked Boudoir of Velkis the vile!

New Cover!
Cleaner Art!
Superior Layout!
3 Fewer Typos!

pUrChAsE yOuR cOpY tOdAy!

I don't know how to feel about this review, but it is intriguing.

@PresGas The analysis doesn't seem convincing to me. I empathize with the plight of not being able to afford books. For real if someone emailed me and said "I can't afford your books but I want to read them." I'd probably just send 'em a bunch of free PDFs.

But I've also gotta pay my rent. I've got 3 books available as pay what you want right now. This year I've had 264 downloads for those books combined, and made a gross income of $36.82. That's before DTRPG takes their 35% cut.

If you're a hobbyist with a tip jar who just wants to recoup some of the costs you put into the hobby, maybe that works for you. If you're trying to make a better life for yourself, Pay What You Want is a dead end.

What feel when, as a bearded person, you blow a booger out of your nose and can't find it.

I commissioned a new cover for my 2015 classic "The Bloodsoaked Boudoir of Velkis the Vile." And while I was at it I redid the whole layout, because some days perfectionism wins out.

If you haven't yet, there's never been a better time to check it out!


We've been sitting in the back of God's toybox for so many thousands of years he had forgotten we existed. One day he found us, started playing with us again. God had his fun, then got bored.

We're back in the toybox now, but God plays rough. Civilization crumbled. Not many survived.

A post apocalyptic setting.

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@RobinHood If you don't mind, I have an etymological buggaboo about this. Sorry in advance if you don't care.

RPGs evolved out of the tabletop wargaming scene in the American midwest. When playing a wargame you had limited control over vast numbers of tiny men. (Limited in that they didn't always do what you wanted. Sometimes they got scared and ran away.) When playing an RPG you only got to control a single tiny man, BUT you had absolute control over their actions. In that sense you took on the role of the tiny man.

Divorced from that context the term "Role Playing Game" would seem to include some thespian intent, but the more theatrical component of play only came about later, after the term had been established.

Thank you for enduring this entirely unsolicited wordvomit. <3

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