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LS ☭

Does it mean I'm an oldschool webcomic fogey that I remember when this was current?

Happy International Working Women's Day!

Don't let the bourgeoisie fool you with their "clever" omission of the word 'working.' Today is a socialist holiday, honoring the struggles of working class women for well over 100 years. It was only adopted by the capitalist West in the '70s. They needed a bone to throw to the increasingly powerful feminist movements of that decade.

Women have always been central to the Revolutionary vanguard. Most notably, 101 years ago today on March 8th 1917. Russian women, enraged by the senselessness of bread rationing and world war, rallied the factory workers of St. Petersburg. They shut down the city. They faced down the army. They persisted through brutal attempts at repression. In eight days, they broke a dynasty that had ruled Russia for 300 years.

Fight on, comrades.

I fucking hate people who approach social media or blogging with an ulterior motive. I am nobody's "audience."

I also hate people who write advice on how to achieve something they clearly have not achieved.

One of the most edifying things about writing is when visual artists depict your work.

If you've never tried it, taking a red pen to your own work is a satisfying experience.

Who looked at this and DIDN'T think this looked like a butt, mid-fart?

Found this selfie from 2015. I decided to inflict it on all of you.l

I bought this soup entirely because of how shiny the can was.

I didn't notice until I got it home that these are barely legal crabs.