My sister is like a rockstar, but for witty retorts to Internet comments.

(This is what she links to:

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Sometimes people think I'm old and grumpy for not liking "modern game design."

I just don't get how more people aren't turned off by shit like this.

I was gifted a hearth at which to offer my devotions to Vesta.

This is so obscure I know for a fact I wouldn't get the joke if I hadn't been the one to come up with it.

This is hands down the best posing I will ever get out of my cat for the rest of her life, and I will never forgive myself for how blurry it is.

Of all the gifts that could be delivered on the ONE DAY when my wife is home and I am not, it had to be the one with a picture on the outside of the box.

I absolutely love it when people attempt to cite history to prove a point without knowing the history involved.

Weapons WERE forbidden within the pomerium (the legally and religiously designated boarders of the city of Rome).

Also, while a stickier point, Rome oversaw tons of very effective mass immigrations. It was only when they stopped devoting time and resources to integrating the migrants that it became a problem.

Whenever I realize that I'm encountering a consistent problem in my life, I do a simple thing. I examine what is causing this problem to recur, consider how I might avoid the problem in future, and attempt to alter my behavior.

The toughest part of that process is the first bit. Recognizing problems as problems can be surprisingly tricky. So it's strange to me that tabletop gamers at large are able to make 300,000 lame variations on this joke--clearly indicating that they've noticed the issue--but remarkably few of them do anything about it.

I don't want to reveal this too broadly yet, but only 0.001% of my readership knows Mastadon exists, so it's probably safe to share here.

I decided to journal my feelings about the end of g+.

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