I do not understand any part of this.

It came up when I googled "Classic Santa Claus"

This is where I spent all my free time in 2003~2006. I wish I had better photos, but it was early days for digital cameras. What can you do?

In case you missed it yesterday: I've re-released The Bloodsoaked Boudoir of Velkis the vile!

New Cover!
Cleaner Art!
Superior Layout!
3 Fewer Typos!

pUrChAsE yOuR cOpY tOdAy!

I don't know how to feel about this review, but it is intriguing.

That's a lot of words for "Please guillotine me."

From the Archives: "Checking for Traps in Bullshit"


I wound up sticking with that stopgap solution for the past 7 years, and never regretted it. Has resulted in much more interesting play.

Have a productive Thursday, comrades. Don't let the fatcats getcha down.

Sometimes I really miss the old days of the Internet.

Lemme see your workspace! I love seeing other people's workspaces.

I can say with a reasonable amount of certainty that yes, they do.

At least the ones I've met on Mastadon.

Deadly Dungeons is now live! Fuck up your game with 40 tricksy trapsy dungeon rooms designed to give players of any experience level something to tinker with.

Available both in print on Lulu: lulu.com/shop/nick-ls-whelan/d

And as a PDF on DriveThru: drivethrurpg.com/product/27128

This showed up in my mail.

Nice try, FBI. Can't trick me into your internment camp.

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