I decided to journal my feelings about the end of g+.

A joke as old as video games, but well executed here.

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My office is also the bedroom I share with my ladyfriend. She has a bad habit of leaving her phone chargers on the floor where I can trip over them, so I put this little hook in the wall to make it easy to put chargers away.

Every day I pick her charger up off the floor, and hang it here.

Every day, she somehow produces yet another charger to leave on my floor, rather than just using the ones on the hook.

I don't know where she gets them. I'm starting to think her charger budget may be larger than our food budget.

Never played Battlefront II before. Did not realize those were manufactured in the Star Wars canon.

Press X to attack.

It's petty for sure, but I am way too amused by this exchange.

I need help finding Staci. She and I would be buds.

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Dark lord Atheismo as my witness, I will radicalize these wine moms!

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