@linkskywalker consider it done as I've never used that website on principle

I've been boycotting cheap ass billionaires like bezos, mah and the waltons for a long time.
I still find geeky stuff online. I will put up with a longer wait in shipping just to spite them.
Here's one:

@gemlog @linkskywalker Hey have you ever bought a memory card off that site? Is it trustworthy?

@ivanvector @linkskywalker
I suppose it's trustworthy to the extent that any overseas supermarket is - you can easily buy counterfeit goods from amazon too by all accounts.
I got one very cheap item that was just that!
I've always gotten what I ordered. My first order got sent back, because I fat-fingered my own address. After a few (rapid) in-site mails in chinglish, they re-shipped each of 3 orders for next to nothing even though it was my fault.
Just be prepared to wait weeks as I said.

@gemlog @linkskywalker So pretty typical of ordering from China, then? I've had very mixed experiences, but the sellers have always been very reasonable and pretty much tripping over themselves to be helpful. Definitely beats being burned by Amazon and PayPal on basically every single order, and I'm not in the US so I wait weeks anyway.

@ivanvector @linkskywalker
As you say, they work hard to help if you contact them.
I find gearbest's website to be kind of quirky and fun in a way really :-)
Plus, I don't feel 'dirty' like the few times I bought from Mr. Bezos.

@linkskywalker the shit they quote from Amazon's "statement" regarding the walkout makes my blood boil

I feel like ordering as much as possible within the strike gives you more options to be like

"my amazon experience was bad at least in part because they don't treat their workers right"

plus it also makes them feel the pressure when most of their people aren't working but they're even busier than normal

@tn5421 Protesting a company by giving them money is never going to be effective.

@linkskywalker you can block amazon with the cloud firewall plugin for firefox

@linkskywalker counter point : get a webcrawler and run it over amazon and add some garbage to their tracking systems with garbage

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