LS ☭

It's always weird to me how invisible Daylight Savings Time is. Every clock I own except the one on my stove updates automatically. I never realize time has shifted, I'm just left to wonder why I'm so tired / why I woke up so late / etc. until I realize what's going on.

This is basically the only experience that ever makes me feel nervous about how much I depend on technology. I allow my devices to control TIME ITSELF without consulting me.

@linkskywalker And all of mine failed me today because one of my players is in Greece and they don't change time until the end of March.

@Halfjack Yeah, I think this is around the time last year that I lost a British player from my game because because the change altered the game for them, and they couldn't make it anymore.

@linkskywalker when we had DST in my country, I used to be late for certain appointments on that day (like church -- I did go to church at those times). Thank god(s) for two things: a) I'm now, and b). we've abandoned that stupid custom of daylight saving time.

@Melezh What country is that? I wasn't aware anyone had abandoned the practice in recent times.

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