*windows points to software cracker* THIS IS A VIRUS.

Me: Now windows, are you sure you're not just desperate to defend capitalist hegemony over the tools that are necessary for modern work?


@linkskywalker why does every keygen needs administrator rights to just generate a product key

@moonman This one didn't. But every time I plugged the USB stick into the computer it would get auto-deleted without any notification. Took me awhile to figure out what was happening.

@linkskywalker Me: Now, linkskywalker, are you sure you're not just accidentaly defending capitalist hegemony by using proprietary software instead of free libre open source alternatives, thereby further reinforcing its market position by using and proliferating its file formats?

@zalandocalrissian While I love and support Free software, it's unrealistic and classist to assume everyone can use it. It's hard enough to make a living, I'm not going to make things harder on myself for no reason by clinging to software that lags 5 or 10 years behind the capabilities of the industry standards.

@linkskywalker @zalandocalrissian so tell me, which software are you referring to? When you talk about the internet infrastructure, free software IS the industry standard. I personally never had a software without a free software equivalent, except for very special applications (e.g. drivers for a certain scientific instrument etc.).

@yolo This specific toot was inspired by installing InDesign. I've done my time with Scribus, but honestly it's just not up to the job.

@linkskywalker i use inkscape or TeX for all my layout tasks, but it is probably not really the same target.

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