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what's it called when you're horny but like with your heart?

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the kind of software you use isn't activism. the kind of media you consume isn't activism.

activism is activism and there's not a shortcut around it.

The year is A.D. 2101. Owning video games is a capital crime.

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♫Secretly buying gifts for my wife♫

♫Because she's working 19 hours today♫

♫And that's bullshit♫

One of the most enlightening experiences of my college years was getting stuck in a conversation with a friend of a friend who was a business major. Dude literally laughed at me when I said I was thinking about declaring either Philosophy or English. Made fun of me like a highschool bully in some shitty '80s movie, then explained how money is life's points, and I was doomed to die with a 'low score.'

Mongolian History nerds probably have the best convention names.

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and now im making it anticapitalist Show more

I find myself in the position of talking to Wil Wheaton fans.

Can someone give me the tea on the whole "Wil Wheaton is a Transphobe" thing? I don't know anything about the origin of those accusations, and I'll need some receipts if I'm going to wade into this.

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Twitter: we can’t ban white supremacy, it’s too difficult.
Ravelry: hold my yarn

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Was talking about Mastodon with an old-school sysadmin guy. We reached the realization that defederating from instances with no/bad moderation is essentially the same thing as blocking open relays back when you ran your own email server: open relays always end up getting used for spam, you block 'em to protect your users.

Email was and still is the first federated social network, so it already faced a lot of the same problems; we should study its solutions (and its failures).

I may have picked the most terrifying time possible to read Octavia Butler's "Parable of the Talents."

Like...holy fuck. "Make America Great Again," ICE raids, it's all fuckin' in there.

From my most recent D&D game:

Through a series of 3 entirely random die rolls (World Event > Assassination > In Redstone Lords Territory), Edward Sallow has been killed. A conspiracy of disgruntled boardmembers stabbed him 23 times. They expected to be hailed as heroes, but the common people loved Sallow. There is now some disagreement about who ought to be his heir. Everyone assumed it would be his long time associate Cameron Angel, but it turns out Sallow's will actually names an 18 year old unknown named Ogbert as his sole heir, even so far as posthumously adopting him.

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having to eat food is just the rent you have to pay for living in a flesh body and we will abolish it under communism

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Something neat about talking online is that if I need to describe something incredibly specific I can google the jargon for it. I know the person I'm talking to probably doesn't know the jargon either, but they can google it too. So neither of us actually know the word, but we can use it to communicate more effectively.

It would be silly and irresponsible of me, but on multiple occasions I have come within one click of buying a Quistis Trepe action figure.

Reading 'The Ballad of Black Tom.'

The way Tommy explicitly refers to other ethnicities as seeming like parallel worlds existing beside his own is the sickest burn on Lovecraft I've ever read.

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A joke given in a logical progression is called a sillygism

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