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the correct way to pronounce female is like "tamale"

I worked 51 hours in 4 days last week. Next week I have a similar schedule, but 5 days.

I am grumpy about this.

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Does Mastadon use sound effects from Stardew Valley?

My girlfriend is playing it right now, and it's distracting the heck out of me thinking I'm getting notifications.

I am so sleep deprived right now that yesterday, when I was driving to work at 4 in the morning, I wept uncontrollably while listening to "Diggy Diggy Hole."'re dwarves, and they love each other, and that's really beautiful, ya know?

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As a gender centrist myself, I believe in the "horseshoe theory" that extremely male and extremely female people have more in common with *each other* than with us far-more-reasonable-and-rational enbies.

#1 guaranteed way to create interesting fiction:

1. Think of two things that do not make ANY sense together.

2. Smash them together.

3. Figure out who they make sense together.

Okay, so, that last toot is a bit of a weird drunken mistake where I wrote a toot that needed to be CW'd for pedophilia, but then I decided I was too drunk to talk about it, so I wrote a totally different innocuous toot...but didn't remove the cw, and in so doing I created a really gross fuckin' toot.

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Today I managed to schedule a whole 90 minutes to unwind and feel human.

The middle 50 of those were spent picking up a friend from the train station because they forgot their bus schedule.

I am not handling it well.

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Today I danced to a bunch of old JonTron remix music and I barely thought about how he turned out to be a white nationalist at all.

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wanna boost this sad girl and help her find friends?

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Is baseball the only team sport where the players uniforms have pockets?

I'm not enough of a photographer to really know what to do about it, but from the tinkering I've done there's really no way I can use my lights to make a dark skinned black kid look good.

I suspect that's because my lighting is too warm, and cooler lighting would bring out their color better, but I don't know how I would fix that.

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