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I'm really upset I didn't think of that Elon Musk game myself.

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this is brilliant Elon Musk Submarit game 😂

Philosophically, pretty much every Manowar song is abhorrent to me. The lyrics glorify imperialism, toxic masculinity, and misogyny.

But I'd be lying if I said I couldn't sing along to basically every single song they ever wrote.

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My parents kept me intentionally isolated through most of my childhood and adolescence. One of the side effects of that, shared by a lot of folks with similar backgrounds, is emotionally overcomitting to potential romantic partners.

There were many years where I was just kinda useless around any woman I had chemistry with. I was already planning what to name our 3rd kid before the 3rd time we talked.

I'm a lot better now, but I still catch myself falling in love over nothing sometimes.

Race-as-class is heckin’ lame! Your species shouldn’t determine what you’re able to do, man. Ya know what else is heckin’ lame? : elves and dwarfs and hobbits halflings! Gnomes are tight, but they’ve been done before. Let’s do somethin’ newwwww!

(Noun) One who starts baking bread at 9:30 in the evening.

TMI about my sex life. Show more

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Venetian blinds are the worst thing ever invented.

Open Mindedness is an oft lauded & rarely practiced approach to new ideas. To the point that it has become almost synonymous with being a good person. Saying someone lacks an open mind is an insult.

While it's true that the ability to have an open mind about new things is valuable, just as important is the wisdom to know when to be resolved.

I hope I live long enough to see eBooks be bound paper with turnable pages. The individual pages will populate with the text of whatever book you're currently reading.

I'm reaching a level of infamy where I occasionally run into people I've never heard of who've blocked me.

This pleases me.

I have a new book out. It's called Faux Pas. It costs $4. Please check it out.

When I get manic, that often expresses itself as flooding social media with all my inane thoughts.

That's when I'm thankful that there's very little overlap between my g+, my facebook, and my Mastadon social circles. None of ya'll can see how much I'm really posting, because I split it up between all these different places.

Sometimes I want to compliment people about things which cannot be complimented in a polite & non-creepy manner.

It's a bummer.

Each day I become human twice. First when I put my glasses on in the morning, then in the evening when I take them off.

I am ver drinky-doo right now, and I just want you to know, AMA.

That's just like...a general thing. I like answering weird questions even when I'm sober. It's just that I only have the courage to think you'd care to ask me weird questions when I'm drunk.

I feel like I periodically shed all my old friends and I hate it. I want people in my life that I can talk about old times with. Sometimes it feels like I've only existed for as long as my oldest relationship, and everything that happened before it is just mist and legend.

It would really help if the people I loved stopped becoming awful.