Running a satisfying social encounter can be a stressful prospect. You want your NPCs to feel like people rather than props, and to do that they need to have their own perspectives and goals. They can’t go along with everything the party wants, but neither can they be so intractable that the party learns it’s easier to solve their problems with combat. It can feel like you need to know a lot about a character before it’s possible to portray them faithfully in your game, but you don’t. In fact you already know everything you need to run a satisfying social encounter with any NPC. Even the rando you created 4 seconds ago. If what I’m about to say sounds incredibly basic, that’s because social encounters are incredibly basic. These are the touchstones I use to remind myself of how basic they are.

@cheyenne I've wanted to send you this for weeks, but couldn't find it.

I'm old enough now that some adults are 10+ years younger than I am. It can feel embarrassing when I encounter a much younger person who is more thoughtful, more knowledgeable, or generally better than me in some way. It is a very silly thing to feel, but I think also an understandable thing to feel. "I've had more time to grow, why aren't I that good?" People focus on different goals. People have different journeys. My inadequacies are my own.

It would be so easy to turn that embarrassment outwards. To let it become an unhealthy anger. To invent reasons why the young person was wrong, or hadn't earned what they accomplished.

I think I understand angry old people better now, and I respect them even less.

The proof is going to need a couple incredibly minor tweaks, but this should be ready to release very soon.

Being a portrait photographer is like being the janitor at NASA. I spend a lot of time explaining that my job sounds way more impressive than it actually is, and that I basically don't know anything that people assume I know.

Good morning. I slept for 14 hours. Thank you for not having me declared dead.

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terrifying my cat by screaming obscenities at my computer, like the cool nd collected person I am

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@iain @sandrockcstm @linkskywalker if strangers you interact with don't want to talk to you, it doesn't mean they're in a bubble. In means you have shit social skills and people don't like you.

After I arrange kids for a class photo, I go up and down the rows collecting little cards with their names on them.

"Thanks Suzie"


"I'm a wizard."

The kids whisper and giggle. I continue gathering their cards. A bit further on a kid asks:

"Why are you taking all of our names?"

My fatass fantasy nerd self very much wanted to say my magic would be able to control them more effectively once I had their true names.

People who list "economics" as a hobby are 100% guaranteed to be angry about 'cultural Marxism.'

Batman is often derided by leftists as "A rich dude who beats up poor people." I think this misses the point.

Batman is a normal human whose absurd wealth makes him the equal of demigods like Super Man and Wonder Woman.

By framing wealth as an absurd power granted by birth, Batman stories are a brutal critique of capitalist inequality.

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Top ds9 memes:

5. Self-sealing stembolts
4. Root beer
3. Cardassian Voles
2. Raktajino
1. Yamok Sauce

I very nearly just typo'd "I like your pixie cut" to "I like your pixie cunt."

Lowkey I regret catching it.

1. The working class should not be forced to eat heavily processed, chemically laden food in order afford enough to fill their bellies.

2. Spam is honestly pretty great if you know how to prep it right.

As a kid I learned not to blame video games for my inability to play them. The game wasn't 'unfair,' I just needed to become a better player.

Then I learned that, due to AI limitations, most of the games of my childhood actually WERE cheating. Computer opponents were given all sorts of hidden advantages.

Looking back, this is basically a perfect analogy for my relationship to capitalism.

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pinned toot: i make jokes sometimes, i guess im just a little crazy like that 😜 don’t follow if you can’t handle my ~edgy humor~ i know it can be a bit much 😝🤪😎

The ultimate goal of my life is to popularize "gurl" and "gurlfran" as gender neutral terms in the vein of "dude" and "guys."

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