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i have an opinion and if you’re not careful I’ll post it

My wife is annoyed I got her sick: From now on you need to carry sanitizer with you everywhere if you're going to work in schools.

Me: I do.

Wife: And you need to put it on anytime one of those children gets anywhere near you.

Me: I do.

Wife: And you need to squirt it in your mouth.

Me: I've done that.

Wife: That was a joke one you should definitely not do that ever.

Me: Well kids are gross.

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listen yall i am Cancelling the word "creepypasta" its 2019

instead may i suggest

Fettucine Afraido

I was a guest on Hobbs & Friends the other day. That episode is up now if you want to hear me talk about the demise of G+ and toxicity in the OSR:

My wife is bullying me, so I'm being nice to the cat to spite her.

"I don't trust those popular leftists." said the platonic ideal of leftist purity whose only failing is that they're TOO good of a leftist, which raises them above their more common comrades.

Let people have flaws.

Deadly Dungeons is now live! Fuck up your game with 40 tricksy trapsy dungeon rooms designed to give players of any experience level something to tinker with.

Available both in print on Lulu:

And as a PDF on DriveThru:

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cursed item #95: The Cucumber Cup

Alright, the new book is ready to go. I'll be bombarding you with advertisements as soon as DriveThruRPG gets around to approving it.

I was a big fan of the book, so "The Handmaid's Tale" has been on my to-watch list for awhile. My wife has recently been watching it without me, and from talking to her it sounds like once they ran out of book the story just started to meander aimlessly and wallow in "misogyny torture porn."

The more she tells me the less it feels like the show is worth my time.

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my daughters jumper says ACAB and it rules

The end of g+ is chewing up my insides today.

Sometimes something you love gets popular with younger folks who enjoy it differently. It makes you aware of your mortality, your individual insignificance. Makes you feel alienated from something that felt personal. Those feelings are valid. Being angry at the new kids is not.

The best part of my day is the ending credits to a techmoan video.

Summary of "The Sad Tale of the Brother's Grossbart."

Imagine 'Eyes of the Overworld.'

Now imagine there are two Cugels arguing with one another about religion.

There you go.

I'm really glad my baby sister is so comfortable with her own sexuality.

I kiiiiiiiiiiiinda wish there was some way to follow her on social media without seeing it though.

I've finally gotten around to playing Thief: Deadly Shadows on an ancient recommendation.

This game is...way better than it has any right to be. The game asks you to make so many interesting choices, and the stealth is forgiving enough to encourage the kind of risk taking behavior that I've never seen in another stealth game.

It doesn't feel 15 years old at all. Not in a bad way.

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Blanket affirmations feel good for the person making them, but contribute nothing to people who are suffering. Worse than that, they contribute to an overwhelming white noise that makes sincere and directed empathy more difficult to accept.

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