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Time for an original meme. My ultra original design Nintendo 1DS and Nintendo 1DS advance XL

Do the people arguing on here over pointless bullshit honestly think it's important?

Hello @Tusky can we get a "show all CWs" in the three for menu on a profile page like we have it for threads? Would be great. A user setting to always show CWs would be cool too.

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My take on mingersoft buying github: closed source monopoly buys closed source monopoly. There's nothing open or friendly about github. Quit your whining and learn a thing or two about the products you rave about. Move to gitlab.


Mastodrama. Exactly what I needed today.

If you want to learn about link rot click an MSDN link. Or any Microsoft link really. Enjoy being taken to random landing page.

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Elon has been taking cues from trump it seems. Stupid, uneducated and bizarre opinions. We need a term for these people. Twitter-bizarro-fascist.

Got a job offer for a significant raise. Feels good man

Soon I'll have enough karma on that shit hole to downvote. I've been jealous ever since @href announced he could

Content warning hacker news. Now that's something I can get behind.


I nonironically think most criticisms of his behaviour are used as dogpile fodder against the free software movement. Figureheads are pretty much always bad, but come on. He's a cranky old guy and now free software is a bad thing?

"When our bodies fail we'll find joy in the Peace that it brings".

Really makes u think :thinkhappy:

Prostitution... I mean sex work Show more

I wish my leftcom friends were still here. They are happy sitting in their armchair complaining about leftoids next to me.

In-inb4 someone rages cuz I quoted Marx.

Have u ever wondered why the one group you can't criticize or attack is the rich ruling class? Even on here, people would rather bicker about whether a toot might upset someone than point out the real issue: the ruling class oppresses, steals from and enslaves the working class.

And now everyone is convinced it's the girl wearing a Chinese dress to prom that's the problem. Then the racists say "SJWS HAVE GONE FAR ENOUGH". Then the SJWs say " YOU RACIST POS BLAH BLAH BLAH".

I've decided either most so-called leftists have no desire for real change or are just mad they aren't at the top.

Inb4 someone with no understanding of communism or capitalism for that matter calls me a brocialist. "The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles."

Same fucking crybabies telling everyone to tag political posts that are important (no matter how much they want to avoid it) don't tag literal porn as NSFW. Follow your own damn rules.