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Does anyone know a book about socialism / communism etc from an indigenous (and by that I mean "native American" / Indian) perspective? Anything left wing really would be good.

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Never mind TMM worked once I figured it out. Note to self don't set the global path because you need to set it for movies and TV separately

I've tried tinymediamanager and it's all fucky.

How can I rename a bunch of files on a samba share all at once? TV shows that aren't named properly and aren't detected by kodi.

I want to hurt myself. It's the only thing that actually makes me feel better. I shouldn't have drank coffee. Don't be like me fediverse. My haters are right I'm a piece of shit. Totally worthless.

My girlfriend is still in the hospital. I still have no friends. Feelsgoodman

I updated my bio to avoid confusion from normies.

Probably going to make a secondary account where I have a whole different persona and I'm more liked on here haha jk that wouldn't change anything. Maybe I can make another account where I try to be a masto villian though :anarchism: :blobhyperthink:

Just remembering the days when most of my follows were mutual. They all have unfollowed me now. At least the federated TL will see this r-right

Tfw I only have bot followers and abandoned accounts left.

Narcissist psychopaths will be the first against the wall in the revolution. That means a bunch of "power users" from here. Won't name names but ones a cat and ones a queen. :anarchism: :acab:

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*Logs in* Time to look at some good jokes.

Worst month of my life thanks for asking. Things are looking up a bit though. I need to get my shit together. I needed to a long time ago. I have some hope and I'm mad things have been this way for so long and I'm not going to take it anymore.

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omfg the play store is such a fucking nightmare hellmess. what a piece of shit

Adam4d is ones of the worst people online. He has been spreading hate and false narrativea under the guise of Christianity (he even tries to intellectualize it with his shitty "theology" ) since before trump. He is awful.

Is it possible to cry yourself to death please say yes thank you

*garfiald voice* I talk like a smug white man but I swear I'm not white

I would block him but I can't wait for his cancelling and I have to see it live

Garfiald is fucking hilarious. Great at apologizing "sorry it made you feel that way" Lol isn't that rule #1 of how NOT to apologize? Haha wasn't making fun of anyone sorry your lame ass feefees got hurt.

I like how the one interaction I got this week on here was people ironically boosting my anti-boosting toot. Thank you. Maybe I should only post cringy OC copypastas

I hate the whole concept of boosting / retweeting especially on here. There's like 200 daily users on the fediverse with more than 10 followers. The ones I don't follow I never want to see anything by them because well, I don't follow them for a reason. Stop repeating stupid shit no one wants to hear just because you thought it was funny. Yes I'm angry and ranting about something pointless but just use the favourite button PLEASE.

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