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Does anyone know a book about socialism / communism etc from an indigenous (and by that I mean "native American" / Indian) perspective? Anything left wing really would be good.

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Low tier city 7 top 8 was hype... For Smash Ultimate. Melee is dead and a snoozefest, brawlhalla is just the worst game I've ever seen. And I didn't watch PM (I mean P+) just lurks in the background. No drama and no angry screeching. Best instance ever.

All these anti gab morons working with the capitalist institutions to ban it. Really makes you think. Fake woke leftist dumbasses

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Remember when everyone was so happy that all the sex workers on Twitter were being kicked off and they were coming here? Then they turned out to be spammers all trying to sell shit and didn't give a fuck about communism or free software? I member. What did people honestly expect lol.

And I support tusky blocking login but if they block reading gab posts I'm going to have to fork it myself.

At least the nazis all have decided to hang out in one place. If they use free software correctly that's a win for free software and a win for "I don't want to see nazis".

I find gab moving to mastodon hilarious. The only thing I have against them as a platform is their attempts to skirt around the gpl. A bunch of idiots that started a company then abandoned their main product (the software) for a free alternative. lol.

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How can I get docker to use cached cargo artifacts in a multi stage build? First stage I build the program then in the second stage I copy the static binary to an Alpine image. I can't figure it out. I tried build with --cache-from and it didn't help. Apparently you have to build the intermediate target and cache it too but that's not working either.

Smoking on some hash and my last bit of bud

Getting high on my porch at 3am listening to American Football while my cat plays with a dead mouse next to me. Feels good man.

You can still browse gab on Tusky. Please don't change this.

Prove the current cloud flare route leak issue isn't an intentional cyber attack from Iran. Pro tip you can't.

I like burning things for no reason. Try it guys.

Banjo and kazooie is cool I guess I'll main two dog bird duos now why not


Down with all e celebs power users influencers and other self obsessed trolls. Fuck off back to Twitter thanks. Just saw one crying, good fucking riddance. Garfiald next.

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