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Time for an original meme. My ultra original design Nintendo 1DS and Nintendo 1DS advance XL

Do people really think commas and long sentences make them sound smart?

I just won 100000 turtlecoin on the super bowl AMA

You guys know how to make the simplest things sound intellectual in your attempt to sound cool.

I know the problem with this place... majority of you fake leftists don't want to improve the world, you just want to be at the top.

SAD! I'll stick to my radical catholic anarchism thanks.

ps got a job thank u for the help. It's not actually business BASIC btw, I'll be modernizing their shit

Hi guys, sorry for my absense, I'm sure you all missed me :)

Please check out and for free turtles (I made the faucet!)

Oh btw aziz anzari is an asshole and a predator

Does Kodi run well on raspberry pi? Also I stopped going on here as much and I'm kinda glad. Reading people's shitty ideas and opinions just makes me mad and upsst

Is orc porn furry porn yes or no my brother is arguing with me. He says yes.

Went well. They're using business basic. Why. Why why

Not even gonna bother arguing with the ill informed on here today. I'll just pretend you're all joking.

Job interview today. Sadly it's in the suburbs and a 30 minute drive.... :/

Job interview today. Sadly it's in the suburbs and a 30 minute drive.... :/

I'm not saying this isn't valid in some cases. But if that's your main argument... just stop.

*states opinion*
*states opinion while blaming the opposing idea on white men*

I should try to be vegan and do a better job. I am sorry cows and eggs :/

K nonironically streaming fortnite soon. Please watch me guys.

Does anyone have a good, low price <$150 'herb' vape? The memey pax is cool and all but I think too expensive. And I hate memes. @vantablack maybe u know