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If anyone wants to play smash bros my friend code is SW-1924-2329-6597. My GSP is around 1 Mil if you care about that

Actually really bad lately. Just wanted to share that I feel like shit. Prepared for 0 replies, I don't even care. Just fucking kill me

Did I miss the fediverse getting triggered over something stupid again?

Having to know how to use the computer you use is actually a BAD thing to most people. They do not want to understand the machine they rely on. It's anti-intellectualism.

Sad posting off serious question.


Probably gonna buy myself smash 5 and a switch to feel better tomorrow merry Christmas me

Listening to William Bonney now. Fits the mood.

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I just find it funny how.... It takes the fediverse 6 months to catch up to my internal meta view of the network. I'm 20 moves ahead and playing 8D chess.

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Anyone with over 1k followers is the fediverse equivalent of a capitalist
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@sneasel welcome to our little corner of the shithole called the web.

Here to ruin your fun for the night ama. I see the trend for today is hating on furries and kin people. Strange these groups are always attacked when they seem to be 90% of the userbase. I'm cool with you guys / gals / unspecified people human or otherwise.

I want to go back to France. I think the happening is coming 😱

Self hating whites trying to get socialism brownie points is both racist and beyond cringy. Stop it.

Thing I like is being censored. Censorship is bad now.

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you know why they call it an Xbox Covfefe?
because when you see it you turn covfefe degrees and walk away

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I can understand why people leave Mastodon, nobody replies. Very anti conversation here. And trust me I try.

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