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Does anyone know a book about socialism / communism etc from an indigenous (and by that I mean "native American" / Indian) perspective? Anything left wing really would be good.

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My new linux rice. The picture overlayed is my wallpaper. Theme is called base16_nord, I couldn't show everything but I have a matching gtk2/3 one, clion and firefox.

Just got gpu pass through to a windows vm.. Took me two all nighters but it works and I can now play fortnite at full speed without leaving linux

Gonna purposely stir up drama so I can finally get some attention here.

I'm stoned. Garfiald still sucks and needs to go asap.

Okay we back. Href needs money guys. The greatest mastodon server of all time deserves the greatest uptime.

Btw I'm not going to need the money back you poor suckers are alright this time. Will hopefully get on short term disability this week. Thankfully I have work insurance

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I suspect it's cause the Fedi harassment squads claim to go after Nazis and paedophiles and no one wants to be seen as pro-Nazi or pro-paedophile

The reality is these people mostly go after innocent folks

That and people in marginalised groups like trans people are often in the harassment squad and who wants to deplatform a trans person, even if they're the world's biggest asshole?

The liberals just do not give up LOL. This is "here's how Bernie can still win" all over again.

I think I'll be ok. Disappointed to know that the self obsessed power users are ago running free here though. No Gods No Masters No Powerusers. :anarchism:

Thinking of asking everyone I've given money here to give it back I might need it soon.

Probably going to get fired. Because I'm unable to work properly. And unable to go to the doctor or get 'help' or really do anything. Wish I could just die. Like if you're going to fire me for being worthless please just end my life too while you're at it because I'm not going to get any better lol.

I went to make fun of some of the stupidest liberal piggy bootlickers on Reddit only to realize I was already banned from that sub. :anarchism: :acab:

I had a dream I lived in France again. And there was this woman trying to recruit me for a super cool project lol. I was happy. It was really vivid.

Haven't been on here lately. Mostly because I'm pretty sure everyone here hates me. And because I'm busy. Or at least feeling busy. Or just telling myself that as a big excuse for being so useless. I don't know. Life is always so hard for me but whatever just have to keep going I guess.

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“I will burn down the pillars of society” also “could you cw literally anything that makes me slightly uncomfortable”

My dream ended just as I was turning onto a familiar looking highway. It was weird because I was asking the girls in the car with me about real life stuff and they had no answers just before I woke up. I broke the 4th wall I guess oops

My dreams just before walking up are beyond vivid. Usually happens if I wake up briefly in the morning then go back to sleep. I just had one that actually continued after I woke up and fell back asleep. I was at a weird swimming pool thing but it was mostly just showers and individual hot tubs... There was also an area with a bunch of beds pushed together maybe for sex I don't know. Anyway eventually I got beat up by these two cops then these girls saved me and invited me to some club downtown and got in my car. I started driving them but everything was all messed up and the roads weren't how I remembered them and driving was really scary. We got to a stop light and the sun was coming up so it was calmer and I explained my girlfriend was in the hospital and I was terrified of everything including driving them. My anxiety follows me into my dreams.

Why did Tusky change the toot view... Moved mentions to look weird, moved where boost count is and added a bunch of horizontal lines for no reason.

Did a corporation actually buy or is the fediverse overreacting again?

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