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discord needs to be deleted tbh

social interaction kills me dude
(job interview, so sleepy)

Getting into dogecoin, this should be fun

nothing good ever happens after 3am

The Tatami Galaxy is so good ahhhhh

what if the haters dab back though

the new DOOM track is super fun to listen to but the rhymes were disappointing on the most part to be honest

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a person is standing in front of a microphone

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a person holding a cell phone in their hand

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My goal this year is to make my class more about my students than about the curriculum.

I'm not scrapping the curriculum, not by a long shot, but a lesson on video editing does not need to be called "Video Editing." I can cover the same skills in a lesson where students make vlogs or let's plays.

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and the village floods
thoughts muddled

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> Americans come visit
> Talk about how shit trump is all day
> "blabla impeachment blabla unfit for office"
This is so tiring.

this is the best social media

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a group of people standing in a room