historian ʞɹoʍʇooɟ

The year is 2019. bofa.lol has grown so massive that the bank of america has taken notice, and brought the instance to court in an attempt to get at the domain name.

"It stands for something other than bank of america for us" @selfagency says in defense on the stand.

"What else could it possibly stand for?" asks the bank lawyer.

A grin crosses the collective fediverse's face and all villains are vanquished at once as the sacred words are spoken, and granted the maximum possible power from all the stolen labor time and caused anguish held in the souls of the banking shareholders and lawyers in attendance is released.

The world is brought to peace and is then ran by socialism just the day after, and everybody lived happily ever after.

@kel @selfagency omg so this is how the sovereign citizen thing works

@kel @selfagency

"What else could it possibly stand for"

[music from KingVader's 'special talents' Vine plays from nowhere]

@kel @selfagency this is the true nature of the Chaos Dunk spoken of in Shut Up and Jam Gaidev

wow this really blew up. while you're here, i shidded and farded

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