I called a guy on here that's anti-CoC a cowardly fencesitter and he blocked me :thinkgoing:​ I thought the whole point was no restriction to speech

computers really aren't that special they're just very fast counting machines i dont know how anyone thinks these dumb pieces of shit can overthrow us

Ideal partner meme but it's just a caricature of @star

@kel jesus christ literally every single one of these points exists in modern american society

nothing but respect for MY president, Traxman

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Reactionary politics are always exactly one of two things,

- toothless assimilation
- unbelievably violent domination

you are hereby rejected from cool kids club.. your first mistake?? bringing a resume......
NEXT !!!!!!

I love software technologies that introduce more problems than they solve. Docker, Object Oriented Programming, most DRM. There's something really beautiful about them

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