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If you ever want to do something nice for me that's totally free, just send me pics/vids of the scenery along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

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at each of our hearts rests the maternal, the most important aspect of our soul

women of the world, take over

not interested in shit

@Jehu haven't been on this thing for a while because of computer issues, I'm glad to see you're still posting. How've you been?

it was an accident while taking notes but I didn't notice it until looking through my sentence

Today I wrote "the" where the "h" was essentially an "l" and it looked so natural, I wonder if there's any dialects or languages that write this word such a way

tfw you decide you've slept through the day enough, keep up through a night to stay up through the next day so you can sleep at a normal time, and getting out of the room at 6am feels like you just woke up, in its own special, synthetic way

i fuck up constantly

SSL over Fax: who's done it

tired of the liberal individualistic approach to emotional health that I see a lot of "radicals" praise so often

it's so funny for me to see people on twitter that have railed against a "leftcom" boogeyman that they know zero about also jump behind quotes from "Oppose Book Worship"

just under a week until the first week of OWL begins uwu

excited to lost all my mastodon followers the moment Overwatch League starts and I post about it constantly

Neural networks are just systems of bias anyways. Unless more interesting computational networks reach usability, you would be best to worry far earlier about the simple and immediate forms of domination before the abstract and tenuous

beware, of the scary neural nets that are easily fooled by crafted images of cats into thinking about avocados

AI's are an underwhelming "threat" when it only takes three dial tones to have racist death squads sent to your location