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okay, so i've read a couple articles, and i'm sold. sounds pretty awesome. (and it's got a cool name which is a definite plus)

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Cross-stitch QR code that works! I love the intersection of technology and art/craft

i was in the east bay to drop off bev at the airport, and thought i'd stop in at that communist bookstore, but it looks like it doesn't open til 11.

bright side though, they were *really* good nachos.

2018 already off to a good start: just snorted taco meat out my nose watching a compilation videos of 'fails' of 2017

new year, new operating sytem and keyboard in my old laptop.

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You Don’t Have To Be Trans To Want To Overthrow Capitalism

But It Helps!

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is there even such a thing as a sci-fi Cautionary Tale About Rogue AI where all the lessons don't apply doubly to out-of-control corporations?

i bet that way in the future, kids are going to assume that 'trumped up charges' is a phrase derived from trump's time as president.

i set up a matrix room for butch trans women, if anybody is interested.

me: *cuts into cake at gender reveal party*

cake: *is full of live spiders*

me, with a tear in my eye: it's an addams!

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a hundred-sided die where every face is a different emoji

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