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@noelle i'm reading Yannel, but also, i hate cursive so much.

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γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€ οΌΏοΌΏ
γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€| γ€€_γ€€ _ l
γ€€    /` γƒŸοΌΏxγƒŽ
γ€€γ€€ γ€€ /γ€€γ€€γ€€ γ€€ |
γ€€γ€€γ€€ /γ€€ ヽ   οΎ‰
γ€€ γ€€ β”‚γ€€γ€€|γ€€|γ€€|
 / ̄|γ€€γ€€ |γ€€|γ€€|
γ€€| ( ̄ヽ__ヽ_)__)

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i know i post something to this effect like every month, but i wish the dyke march was sooner or more often.

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bash one-liners most resemble the sorcery i imagined of computers as a child: treacherous and confounding arcana steeped in lore and culture, rife with lost knowledge and devilish details; powerful, nigh-inexplicable magic exhibited with a sweep of the hands.

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i had a dream last night that i had a lightsaber, and i had to fight somebody who had some kind of indestructible staff, so i couldn't cut through it, but it was kinda dark, so i couldn't see shit over the glare of my lightsaber.

i wasn't complaining there. sorry if i gave the impression that i was. i really love berkeley, i just thought it was an amusing interaction. (encounters like that are not uncommon for me even here in the north bay, so it wasn't even all that weird for me. i guess i just give off that kind of vibe.)

yesterday i walked out of an amazing bookstore in berkeley, and immediately had a guy ask me if i wanted to buy shrooms. like he was just waiting by the door to offer to anyone who came by.

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"Kite is a DIY kit that empowers you (and everyone) to build a smartphone, irrespective of skill level. A screwdriver is required, but no other tools."

I love that these more homebrew phone/laptop projects are springing up, usually with a power to the people ethos which is cool. From a longevity perspective though, long term software and spare parts support is important, and sometimes hard for small projects.


i think the thing that is most upsetting about being accosted and harrassed over being barefoot, aside from when people blatantly lie and make things up to justify their prejudice, is that they always act like you're a bad and foolish person for not knowing a rule that you had no way of knowing existed (and which they probably just made up).

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> People who can't distinguish between etymology and entomology bug me in ways I cannot put into words.

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we already have a planned economy.

it’s planned by the capitalists, to extract maximum profit, ignoring the social cost of their exploitation.

we socialists demand a *democratically* planned economy which prioritizes human and ecological needs.

i'm at a show at the arlene francis center, and there's this really cute lesbian couple and i wish my girlfriend was here.

presumably because they hate fun and joy.

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France confirms that Matrix (and Riot) is the basis for their upcoming secure communication app for official government use, and will be 100% FOSS! Exciting times :D