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well, finally went and made a second mastodon account. previously blogging from @juliebean about whatever. i'd been debating over where to create a second account (eggs and baskets after all) for a week or so, but @cocoron 's talk about making this place into a co-op is what really tipped the scale for me. more proper reintroductions post forthcoming.

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Retoot this if you are #solarpunk so we can all follow each other. :3

i really hope i didn't completely fuck over my hopes of attending school this semester by saying i'm going to eventually submit my 2016 tax form.

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If you are an organizer, let me give one piece of advice:

Do not take a disagreement as a demonstration of a split.

Take every disagreement as an opportunity to form a new consensus.

And if that is not possible, see it as an opportunity to define the affinity of both groups involved.

Aspire to find a cooperative ethos where both parties' boundaries are respected and their strengths properly utilized.

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joke: nazi weeaboos

woke: communist fujoshi

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Q: How do I explain Bitcoin to my grandfather?
A: imagine if keeping your car idling 24/7 produced solved Sudokus you could trade for heroin

i like school for like, learning things and doing things, but navigating the monetary and beaurocratic bullshit makes me feel just the worst.

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Discoursing/PSA about HSP Show more

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@Beauford_Hammersham If Wells Fargo wanted a presence on Mastodon, they'd have two options:

1. Try to create accounts on EVERY instance (to control their brand) and most likely get banned from most in short order.

2. Create their own instance (mastodon.wellsfargo.com) which would probably get silenced by most instance admins in short order.


@gcupc @gcupc ooh that brutaldon thing sounds neato. i'm always on the lookout for ways to do more with .

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Yeah. I was, and while no one or almost no one made the politics explicit at the time, it was pretty much always a split between leftists (exemplified by RMS) and right-libertarians (exemplified by ESR).

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Karl Marx's Ghost vs The Monkey Paw vs Gary Gygax

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There's no ethical consumption under capitalism but it literally takes 5 minutes to find the same Amazon stuff on other smaller websites for almost the same price

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the worst aspect, is that people will screenshot things to post on other sites, thus completely divorcing the content from its timeframe. absolute timestamps do not have this issue.

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‘To Siri With Love’ and the Problem With Neurodiversity Lite


"Neurodiversity isn’t a list of words or slogans for people to use or avoid. It’s a social justice movement, with the ultimate goal of vindicating everyone’s inherent worth—and thus their right to enjoy inclusion, freedom, and the supports that allow for both."


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i absolutely hate relative timestamps on posts. i mean, it's better than no timestamps, but still.

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