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What is the difference between a hippo and a zippo? Show more

orcs but with round toothy lamprey mouths

why are phone calls so fucking exhausting and why do people want to do them?

i haven't been able to wash my hair this past week on account of ear infection and i am honestly this close to just shaving it all off. i am also unsure if it's healed or not or if the continuing pain is just my usual wisdom teeth muscling in pain, so idk if i can properly shower again yet.

and even if i can somehow find a ride by tomorrow, i haven't been able to shower or give myself a haircut all week on account of a horrible ear infection, and i'd much rather look and smell my best for this, my favorite event of the year.
this whole month has kinda sucked for me.

after my girlfriend totally ghosted on me when summer came round, i had kinda been really looking forward to the sf , maybe trying to meet new people, but now my car won't start for unknown reasons and it's looking like i'll be missing entirely this year.

the science of analyzing bullets by taste: lingaballistics

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uspol Show more

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Someone who's never played a Mario game: explain what's happening in this screencap


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tired: I googled it
wired: I DuckDuckWent for it

reading valerie's letter from v for vendetta never fails to give me chills.

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I saw elsewhere - perhaps Twitter - a criticism of the #cyberpunk idea, reflected in Cyberpunk 2077, that the unaltered human body is somehow sacred, and that augmenting it is profane. The criticism noted that this was, at its core, transphobic.

The critic then turned the idea on its head into a trans-positive cyberpunk that eschewed "humanity" in favor of "essence". Maybe one person's essence is complete when they're born; maybe another's essence is lacking until they augment themselves.

i can't wait for sf pride cause it's pretty much the only time of the year i get to go topless in public, and it is the ultimate tragedy in my trans dyke life that basically as soon as i was comfortable going about sans shirt as an adult, it stopped being socially acceptable.

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for real tho its 2018 and people are still acting like e3 is a contest that you can win

you know who wins?

the 1%

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pol, "women's clothes"/"girly clothes" Show more

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long queer vexilology rambling Show more

idea: a robot dog, but with an actual human skull for a head.

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@vfrmedia @jjg @mayel

The fact that FLOSS ethics is not a part of the wider political progressive movement is so tragic to me.

Social and economic progress rely on changing the underlying systems in place, systems which are already rapidly changing... thanks to technology. But if that technology isn't free, libre, and open, how could we possibly have true social+economic progress come out of it?