@solidarea this is actually a huge interest of mine! yes! I’ve been thinking about how to go about building a childcare collective for awhile now.


same! i think it's too often a missing element in movement spaces. ive done a fair amount of rad childcare work for left organizations and gatherings. some friends and i have also been tossing around ideas for a collective
Would love to hear your vision!


@solidarea recently I took one of the led workplace organizing trainings, & when we were talking about inoculation, about answering the fears that people may have around putting themselves at risk to organizing, the concern of parents about having the ability to support their children was a huge thing that came up. no one is going to strike, or anything else related, if they don’t know for sure that if they lose hours, or get fired, that their kids are gonna have food & shelter.

@jenirouge @solidarea seeing all of the food distribution that teachers and supporters did in WV. That was powerful.

@jash @solidarea oh yes! the teachers strikes were such a powerful example of what can be done, even (or maybe especially) on a wildcat basis. the WV strike was such a great instance of community support keeping the strike alive.

@jenirouge @jash

ugh, yes. I've been following the other teacher strikes and hoping that something springs up in Michigan too. It is just as desperate here as elsewhere. I've been working to unionize the charter I work @ for a year + now, but seems like they will probably fire me before we win this fight

@solidarea @jenirouge I’m sorry to hear that’s how it’s looking for you. I would love to hear your assessment of the campaign. Though maybe more privately

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