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@jd I do wonder to what extent the Silicon Valley engineers and execs truly have some kind of libertarian ideology about free speech and therefore let the Nazis and trolls to participate in the "market of ideas". I can sympathize with the view, and I'm sure some % of #Mastodon users are here for precisely that reason. I'm not around the Federated timeline enough to know about this, are their Mastodon instances that tolerate that kind of behavior from their users?

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Having lived with kitties that size, they would totally stuff themselves in there. XD

The Theft of the Raj: The British Empire in India

Shocking history, I never heard these horrifying details before 😲

Roy Moxham and Shashi Tharoor in conversation with Mukulika Banerjee.

Can anarchists ever work together, or is it better to just adopt this idea for one's self and find a way of working with others (even if not anarchists)?

Vi has been showing Kip how to cover her admin duties for a few hours now. It doesn’t seem to be going in
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'...scientists working in South Africa made an exciting announcement [in 2015]: They had discovered a new species of human ancestor. [....] One of the most exciting aspects of the naledi discovery was that the skeletons appear to have been deposited in a burial chamber, suggesting the species engaged in rituals and even symbolic thought. That raises a whole host of scientific and anthropological questions: [....]

But the discovery of a relatively advanced human ancestor also raises theological questions, particularly for Christians who believe that a person must believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ in order to receive eternal life in Heaven. It may sound silly to apply that standard to primitive species hovering millions of years ago between animal and human, but it’s an important question if you believe in the eternal soul...'

@jd it's like a clown car but with kitties!!

I have a terrible thought about how these kittens actually got into that 😟

'...The notion that Twitter couldn’t curb spam bots and Nazis or that Google couldn’t blacklist 4chan from its news overview is absurd. The issue is that, for revenue purposes, engagement with the informational equivalent of a leaking septic tank is indistinguishable from engagement with news sources that aren’t explicitly trying to deceive and defraud readers. The political Facebook ads that were allegedly purchased by the Russian government went into the same money vault as ads from Nike and Pepsi, and rape-threat tweets count just as much on Twitter’s quarterly earnings calls as announcements from NASA and Denny’s. The increasingly toxic internet is working as designed by the companies that control most of it β€” corporate monoliths that hold the primary channels of digital information distribution and obligations to shareholders, not civil society..'

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