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'...For me, any defence of British is by implication a defence of white supremacy.

[....] The claim that colonial rule did good because it β€œdeveloped” colonized societies (with proponents of this position often citing improvements in medicine and infrastructure) rests on the implicit counter-factual that without imperial intervention these societies would not have participated in modernity. The assumption here is that pre-colonial polities were stagnant, static and disconnected from wider historical changes. This is an assumption that work on pre-colonial histories have shown to be demonstrably false...'

@jd I have an old cookbook (1930s) featuring grape and tomato pie. I've never tried it. (Nowadays with the whole hipster galette-tartlet brigade it's probably cool again anyway.)

What remains after deference is gone? Anarchy!

Equality, your majesty...

from: The Simple jography, or, How to know the earth and why it spins

by Herford, Oliver, 1863-1935; Loftus, Cecilia, 1876-1943, ill
Publication date c1908

Season two of 'The Crown' (on Netflix, etc) was fantastic – really, this is must watching for all Anarchists, Communists and proper Republicans πŸ‘

Reading Marx's Capital Volume One with David Harvey
'An open course consisting of a close reading of the text of Volume I of Marx's Capital in 13 video lectures by Professor David Harvey.'

Happy arbitrary day marking the time we traveled together around the closest star in our galaxy.

What are your political predictions for your country or the world for 2018?

'IQ rose 30 points in the 20th century around the world, and in the US, that increase is continuing. That’s huge; that’s two standard deviations, which is like the difference between an average IQ of 100 and a gifted IQ of 130. We should be happy about this, but the question I ask is, If you look at the problems we have in the world todayβ€”climate change [....] β€”one wonders, What about all those IQ points? Why aren’t they helping?

What I argue is that intelligence that’s not modulated and moderated by creativity, common sense and wisdom is not such a positive thing to have. What it leads to is people who are very good at advancing themselves, often at other people’s expense. We may not just be selecting the wrong people; we may be developing an incomplete set of skillsβ€”and we need to look at things that will make the world a better place...'

'...The move by HOP // Halte Γ  l'obsolescence programmΓ©e (HOP - Stop Planned Obsolescence), an environmental association, comes after lawsuits were launched this week in the US against Apple for similar reasons.

[....] The suit will be heard in a criminal court if prosecutors decide it is legitimate.

The maximum penalty is a prison sentence of two years, a fine of up to 300,000 euros, and five percent of the firm’s annual turnover.

β€œEverything is organised for force consumers to renew their smartphones," said Laetitia Vasseur, the co-founder of HOP.

"However, when the phone is priced at 1,200 euros, which is more than the SMIC (the minimum monthly wage in France), these practices are unacceptable and must be punished."

β€œIt is our mission to defend consumers and the environment against this waste organised by Apple,” she said...'

@stefan @jd in England they put incline on bus shelter seats which forces the homeless to sleep on the floor of shelter (there was a guy near my work doing this (fully 10km away from any large town) I would discreetly check every evening that he appeared alive/conscious as I was worried he might have passed out from drugs etc.

In any case he would only get about 6 hours to sleep there as rural buses start around 06:00 and it gets busy (I think he was working on nearby construction site)

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