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VIII District, Kerepesi Cemetery/TemetΕ‘
All Souls' Day/Mindenszentek napja
DeΓ‘k Ferenc mausoleum
November 2017

@aemon @jd That is simply not true. Left vs. right is an economic axis, not a social axis. There are leftist conservatives and right-wing progressives. Left-wing is socialism, right-wing is capitalism. Progressivism vs. Conservativism is a social axis that's completely independent from left-right.

Paul Mason writes:

'...As we approach the anniversary of the Russian Revolution, responses will come in three flavours: conservative condemnation; the liberal mixture of admiration and regret; and enthusiastic commemoration. Though I reject Bolshevism, and date the degeneration of the revolution to the early 20s, I will be among those celebrating. The Russian Revolution was an intervention by the masses into history, like the French before it, and it is possible to celebrate that if you also acknowledge and celebrate the fight workers put up against the fairly rapid shutdown of their freedoms that happened in the years afterwards...'

@jd It's the answer I think about as well. As long as the Left treats the event as an actual revolution and not a resolution of an internal conflict between liberal social democrats and bolshevik autocrats, it'll be tainted by it.

@jd The negative outcomes are associated to socialism/communism (not to the left). It's a perception, so it can be changed, theoretically. But the perception is still so hegemonic. The duty of the left is to establish a solid alternative to this devastating capitalism and stop playing turf games.

– It is almost the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, can the Left ever escape the negatives that came from that revolution?

'Kennedy considered creating bounty system that valued Castro at 2 cents
The Kennedy administration in 1962 proposed creating a bounty system that would pay Cubans for killing communists, and that valued Castro's life at just 2 cents.

The proposed system is detailed in a report from the White House, and would have offered rewards ranging from 2 cents to $1 million. Officials planned on dropping leaflets by air over Cuba that would have described the prizes for specific communist leaders.

"One final leaflet may be deemed advisable and that one announcing a 0.02 Β’ reward for the delivery of Castro," the memo said.'

@jd Twitter is outright blocked on the Chinese internet. Russia repeatedly threatens to do so if Twitter doesn't delete accounts they hate, which it reportedly few times did. So, why would I imagine something much less terrible than is already happening?

I am no fan of RT/Sputnik and would only post their links on social media for the purpose of ridicule ––– but can you imagine Twitter banning adverts from the NYT because it offends China or Russia? I can't.

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