There was an attempted assassination of George Soros yesterday in New York, USA – on Oct 18th, the US Republican Party released this advertisement on the web...

@jd Far too impolite. You must refer to him as humanistically disabled.

Trump 'jumps the shark' and goes full Steve Bannon – can we call him a fascist now?
- Or is that still impolite?

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– not sure if anyone reads this on masto, but it is intended to be a dump of info I compile each day...

@jd McDonald’s is the largest real estate holder in the world.

The activist that halted a deportation reasonably believed to lead to the death of of the person being forced from Gothenburg via Istanbul to the war in Afghanistan is now being prosecuted for violating the Air Traffic Act.

The defence of another's life by Elin Ersson was hailed worldwide as an exemplary act of courage, but the prosecutor James Von Reis says "I can't see anything else than this being civil disobedience".

For the act of extraordinary selfless humaneness and because the prosecutor incompetently doesn't weigh reasonable defence of life before harmlessly "failing" to follow an order that Elin says was not perceived, Elin now risks up to 6 months prison.

Allergies: the scourge of modern life?
'...Before the 1990s, peanut allergy was so rare that barely any data on it was collected. In a 2015 article in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Paul J Turner noted that even though admissions to hospital for anaphylaxis increased between 1992 and 2012 by 615%, the incidence of fatal anaphylaxis did not. Turner and his colleagues believed that β€œincreasing awareness of the diagnosis, shifting patterns of behaviour in patients and healthcare providers” might be contributing factors. Even though peanut allergy is much more common, its associated fatalities have not increased...'

There are so few refugees left in these days that PM Viktor OrbΓ‘n has selected a new scapegoat,,,,, the danger posed by Gender Studies πŸ˜’β€‹

–'...On October 12, 2018, without any public statement or explanation, gender studies Master degrees were removed from the list of accredited subjects in Hungary. Students currently enrolled can finish their course of studies as usual and with both Hungarian and US accreditation, but no new students enrolled from September 2019 will be able to earn a Hungarian accredited degree in the field of Gender Studies...'

@jd @frickhaditcoming

it still seems really sketchy by European/UN standards.

Everywhere else would normally just rerun the election with the chaps brother correctly and officially shown as the new candidate, which shouldn't take *that* long or cost too much.

This just shows the rest of world "USA will only spend so much on basic democracy" (unless the region has done things the expected way and the news site is reporting half the story to get clicks/ad revenue)

@frickhaditcoming it depends on state rules, but I suspect that his party just chooses someone else after the dead guy is elected. American democracy is a shitshow when you look at it up close.

everything wrong and surreal about today's Republican Party contained in one screenshot πŸ™„β€‹
. . .
'If he wins, his brother Jack can take his place.' πŸ˜β€‹πŸ˜†β€‹

from Fb comments


Oct 17 Update: We have decided to tag the release tomorrow as version 1.0.0-beta.

Tomorrows release will include:
- Partial Federation Support*
- Updated admin/user tools
- Video support
- New compose UI
- Bug fixes

* - It may launch without the ability to follow a remote user from pixelfed, the search logic need to be updated for that and will be released in a day or two after.

@jd Athena? Oh wait, that's not til 2031... :/
But at the same time, it seems to me like there are more and more small and very specific instruments. I'd have to look up exact figures, but the overall amount of observational data collected each year is still increasing.
Old instruments are getting older, but there still is a lot to look ahead to :)

Our Space Telescopes Are Dying!
'Think about it: Hubble is down to one gyro, maybe two; Kepler is in safe mode; and today, the Chandra X-ray telescope went into safe mode; Spitzer has run out of coolant but still doing science - our fleet of space telescopes is getting older what are we replacing them with?'

'…Helenβ€”a smart, cheerful five-year-old girlβ€”is an asylum seeker from Honduras [….] Helen fled Honduras with her grandmother, Noehmi, and several other relatives; gangs had threatened Noehmi’s teen-age son, Christian, and the family no longer felt safe. Helen’s mother, Jeny, had migrated to Texas four years earlier, and Noehmi planned to seek legal refuge there [....] Helen was given a pack of crayons and spent the summer coloring patriotic images: busts of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, the torch on the Statue of Liberty. She was granted an hour of β€œLarge Muscle Activity and Leisure Time” each day, and received lessons on the human respiratory system, the history of music, and β€œthe risk and danger of social media.”...'


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