@jd ; No matter what you call it, all varieties of Libertarianism I've heard of are dysfunctional.

@jd Neh. #Communalism was #Bookchin's endgame and is to recent to add neo as a prefix. And if there is a candidate for #neocommunalism it would be ร–calan's democratic confederalism.

Libertarian communism AKA libcom is the same as anarchist communism AKA anarcho-communism AKA ancom.

For me it's like this:

> Left-libertarianism = anarchism
> Right-libertarianism = capitalist libertarianism

@jd Oh, and anarchists/left-libertarians don't discuss those things on Facebook. ๐Ÿ˜‰

@jd Can we get that from somewhere other than Facebook? :/

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