Lucy Parsons bio reveals new facts about the birth, ethnicity of the 'Goddess of Anarchy'
'...Leftists who have celebrated Parsons as the quintessential multiethnic class warrior — of African-American, Latina and Native American descent — may be disappointed to learn that Jones’ book debunks the claim that she had any Mexican or Native American blood.

Parsons always denied that she was black — or “mulatto,” as some put it — and promoted the myth that she was a “Spanish-Indian maiden” to explain her exotic looks while denying her African-American roots ....

Even among feminists, Lucy wasn’t widely embraced because her interests were wider — and more radical — than the mainstream push for women’s rights. While suffragists were demanding the right to vote, Parsons was dismissing elections as a capitalist fraud...'

Socialism and the Blockchain

– ' assets that are native to blockchain could be deployed for use within a Socialist society; however, it is deemed appropriate; they needn’t be used for money. For instance, they might be employed as Marxist labour certificates. Fairfield writes that blockchain technology comes with tamper resistant algorithms for creating public, cryptographically secure ledgers of property interests [85], but the immutable audibility mechanisms of blockchain technology could extend beyond property ledgers and into auditing the production of goods. This would allow Anarchist societies to organise because the blockchain could be used as a means whereby Anarchists could audit the distribution of products or services to those who need them...'

jd Ⓐ★😼🚀🌍🇪🇺🇭🇺

Bitcoin is not what socialism needs.

'...But there is a more fundamental problem with their proposal. Marx’ labour vouchers don’t themselves require labour to produce. Or at least not as much as the labour they are meant to represent. They are simply tokens given out to confirm that a worker has contributed a certain amount of labour time. The vouchers don’t actually have to take the same amount of labour time to produce. In fact if they did, this would be a significant waste of labour which would not go towards producing objects that have direct use value. Labour vouchers are better compared to a theatre ticket. A theatre ticket represents the right to be able to see a performance. For this to be the case it is not necessary that the ticket itself takes any significant amount of effort or resources to produce at all...'

@jd One just has to make sure their labor vouchers cant be forged and thats all

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