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I am experimenting with using github's publishing site as a blog - and forcing myself to become knowledgeable and intuitive with MarkDown. Its a pain in the butt, but the exercise it good, I think.

My goal is to add links and quote of shit I find in a blogish fashion every day.


@jd Yeah, I need a linkblogging section on my blog, too, and make myself update it every day.

@gcupc yes, and this is all I want to do really - link blogging. I can do this hear also, of course - but this is 'social'

@jd Well, POSSE. Post on your link blog, then share those links here!


When you say "GitHub's publishing site", do you mean you setup a GitHub Page. That's what it looks like, but just want to make sure I'm not in the dark about something new. ;)

Good on you making your own blog. How the web was meant to be.

What tools are you using?

@orbifx tools? my own fingers :grin: blogging like its 1996!

coding with MarkDown code and Jekyll on github's pages: pages.github.com

@jd it's nice to hand-craft such things. But if you ever decide you need a tool consider this:

I'm working on intent to make it peer-to-peer.

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